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  1. keeping an eye on WWIIOL
  2. What about Teamspeak for us welcome back dudes? Man-High Eagle Squadrons - 4th Fighter Group /nevermind I found it. /nevermind move along
  3. Fixed. Stoopid space in "Program Files" subdirectory.
  4. The installer puts that shortcut onto the desktop. I have used that and the website to launch with. Offline only so far. Just made the Training shortcut which takes me to offline only......
  5. Did the de-install, reinstall circus several times. Installed with no spaces in file location. Still loads to offline only. Win2k sp4. netcheck & checknet OK. ??
  6. Nothing but offline is working for me. 1.19.5. Win2k sp4. De-installed and reinstalled several times with reboots. No brigade tab no connection to servers.