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  1. And the complaining goes on... We are one week further now and Im (same for the others with this error) still not able to login. When will this FINALLY BE FIXED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm really getting tired of this problem I paid for it and Im getting ignored and it seems CRS is doing other stuff...
  2. My grandfather from my moms side didn joined the army during WW2 but he was a smuggler (food), I dont know much about it but I know the people around him were never hungry! My grandfathers from my fathers side did joined the Belgian forces but was only for a couple of days (Belgium got captured in 2 weeks or something). I dont know his unit or anything but I know he told me that he was stationed at Antwerp and when the Germans were coming near they burned all the oil and destroyed other supplies to stop the Germans. When the Germans came so close he and his unit had to run for their lives but they eventually got caught by the Germans (Werhmacht) and the German officer looked at them sighted and told them to go home (Germans had 'more respect for the Dutch speaking part of Belgium). I would like to add a little history of Belgium also before people start saying *** about Belgium. Belgium is a neutral country and isn't allowed to do offensive operations etc. The reason why Belgium got captured so fast was because Belgium started preparing only 1 week before Germany invaded Belgium. Also Belgium only had like 400.000 Military personnel and most of them were reservists. So It's not like Belgium is a weak country but during WW2 they got caught off guard.
  3. Tbh, the money isn't the biggest problem here. They give great deals. But what bothers me the most is that Ive send 2 PM's to admins Ive submitted a support ticket to playnet and waiting 4 days for a simple answer.. I don't believe this problem can take 4 days, sorry I really dont believe this. They've fixed more complex situations within hours but Its impossible to fix this ? I'm getting more and more frustrated (which is my right and I think a right response to this situation). Please Rats MORE INFO OR FASTER FIX !!!!!!!!!!!
  4. After 3 days still not fixed and still no more info about it... I find this a - point tbh since people pay for it and deserve to have more info about the problem (like how long it will take to fix or anything).. Now it looks like they "dont" see it as a priority it my eyes. But since this is the first time in many years (ive played), i wont complain and try to be more patience but I really wanna start playing asap.
  5. Thanks for the link, Ive been searching for answers for 2 days now and couldn find anything beside old posts (from several years ago).
  6. Hi, I re-activated my account again yesterday and on the website it says my account/status is active, I also got some confirmation mails. But everytime I wanna go online it says 'Your subscription is currently not active.
  7. I'm having the same problems even though I saw in another post that they fixed the problem..