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  1. Thanks for the response - I typically have played Allied but would give Axis a whirl. I have played a map or two wearing the grey but don't have much rank.
  2. So I came back on a free sub to check out the game after a very long break. I was a day one player and very active with AST when they were a squad. It was some of the best gaming experiences I ever had and I really miss the days of huge ops and multiple squads working together to move the map. I have enjoyed getting back in to see the new updates and its tempting to sub up again but I haven't seen the numbers in game or squad tags nearly like it was. I know the numbers must have dropped off over time but are there still active squads with coordinated operations taking place? Granted I've been logging in at different times so maybe its just a matter of finding peak times. Can anyone give some insight into current numbers and participation? S!
  3. I have this exact same issue (same card) Ill try the drivers suggested in post above
  4. So Ive been out of game for a while - ok a long while but I know Lex and some of the remaining AST squad are still around but merged into the 7th. How do I get back in touch? Would love to join up with whatever incarnation of AST is still around. My schedule is hectic and I dont have much time to play but with what time I do have I would love be back with me old sqaudies
  5. Yup...uninstall and reinstall fixed it. Pretty simple since its a pretty thin client...its working fine now.
  6. No Vista...XP I got the error after downloading the patch; it was during the actual upgrade installation that the error is thrown. I may need to reinstall the entire game so Ill give that a try and post the results
  7. Im getting a rather strange error msg: The file C:\PROGRA~1\CRS\BATTLE~1\\playarc.w2s is not a valid previous version and could not be upgraded Anyone have a clue what this means and how I can resolve the issue? Thanks!