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  1. Im sure graphics were very acceptable for most of us before this patch and we were able to play without a glitch....
  2. We really need a fix.
  3. Same problem with radeon 7500
  4. Hi Since the new patch I cant play because of fps issues. When in game say I spawn in a msp near a town, if I look away from the action center, i get 50 fps, toward the action 0 to 1 fps, its almost a locked situation and just turning away from it and its returning to 50 fps. Im sure nothing wrong with the computer, I use it only for playing the game,and everything was right before the patch. I have reinstalled the game from the start and nothing changed. I have tried all the settings possible in the settings manager. My video card is a ATi Radeon 7500 and I suspect that something has been implemented in this patch that this card does not support. Is there anyone out there using this card and working properly? I dont want to change my video card just for fun... Thanks. Remi.