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  1. Count me in, put me anywhere needed.
  2. I was putting the question out for them, I'm kinda liking the new system at the moment. It took a lot of work to pull off a good attack back in the day, and the current player base couldn't handle it, and the numbers don't support it. But I also can see why they would like that way as well. Last night I killed the same player over and over again, all within just minutes. They had a MSP up near our AB. But the MSP is also to help have more field battles, not in town per say. I love that you can spawn a AAA or ATG.
  3. I've had a lot of feedback from players who have not played or will not play the current WWIIOL. They liked the way this game was different than COD, as in no mobile spawns at all. You had to drive to get anywhere. Is there any way to try or change the code for the current game ( garrisoned units and flags to move major equipment ) but remove mobile spawns? Could it be tested on the training server? If at all possible, maybe send out a poll to see if it would bring back revenue?
  4. We are alive, a bunch of us old timers just resubbed to help CRS and AHC. We are looking for new recruits, weather your new to the game or not, we welcome you.
  5. Raptor34 why yes, our old air wing was called RCAF ;-)
  6. 31st Wrecking Crew, and we also had fun with, other than 31st was 1LB Iron Wolves. We had great fun back in those days. I figured since I'm going to be around for the next few months, try and get a new 3CD going since I'm still the CO. ;-) Website is up and running still.
  7. so now that you had a little history lesson, I'm looking to restart 3CD. I'm looking for people that want to help restore a legendary squad! you can visit our site or send me a pm here.
  8. History of 3CD in WWIIOL The 3rd Canadian Division started in WWIIOL during the early turmoil of the AHC (Allied High Command) subsequent to launch of the game. 3CD was initially developed by the 3CD Godfather (Ready) as a non-AHC division that gave squads a chance to work together without AHC politics. It was realized that numbers bigger than a single squad were required to “move the map”. In essence, the organization was what AHC should have been, which allowed 3CD to grow rapidly in the number of member squads even though we were not affiliated with AHC and did not receive any of the developer support that AHC receives from CRS. The initial squad that started the 3CD were remnants of an older WWIIOL group known as the Red Berets. The Red Berets reorganized themselves into a ground squad (24th Dragoons) and air squad (the original WWIIOL 401 Rams squadron). The 24th and 401 squads formed the initial core of 3CD. From there other squads joined (4th Alabama, 4 Wing, 352nd fighter group, 63rd Blood and Fire, Pirates Battle Group, 225th Spectres, etc.) to make 3CD a solid fighting force. Times changed and AHC became more along the lines of what it was intended to be. In early 2002, 3CD was approached by Badger (who was in ARFR theater command at the time) and asked to help AHC with a organizational problem they were having. The Meuse Riverline between the BEF and ARFR forces was a frequent path for the axis to advance. AHC units were incapable of keeping that “zipper line” closed. The AHC units involved at the time were not interested in spending time with both sets of equipment to halt the axis advance as they were primarily interested in only playing with their chosen equipment (BEF or ARFR). 3CD was asked to become an official AHC division with all of its member squads with both a french and a british brigade to close that “zipper line”. We accepted the AHC offer, and served honorably in the ARFR orbat as the only PLAYER CREATED AHC DIVISION for 2+ years with our primary defensive “hometown” being Namur. There we gained a reputation as honorable players that our enemies knew they could count on for fair play and a good fight. 3CD was known at that time as one of the few units that followed a strict Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) that prohibited any form of camping, as well as other forms of unfair play. In early 2004, 3CD underwent massive internal change. Most of the squads that made up our French brigade decided it was time to strike out on their own as a separate unit, in a different AHC division. Those squads (75th Rangers and 225th Spectres) are now an integral portion of 4th MacRD in Corps Cavalrie. The remaining members from the French brigade and British brigade of 3CD decided that it was in their best interests to prepare for brigade spawn as the current orbat placement within ARFR would not allow those remaining members that preferred British equipment the ability to spawn that equipment under the French orbat. A solution was developed which moved the 3rd Canadian Division into the BEF orbat as the armored brigade of the 1st Royal Marine Division. 3CD gave up its status as a French Division and took the role as a British brigade. 3CD served with the 1st Royal Marine Division for 6+ months. During that time intersquad politics became devisive and it was decided that 3CD should not remain an AHC Division or Brigade any longer. The membership of 3CD had too much time and effort invested into the 3CD name and recognition to allow AHC the power of determining the future of the 3rd Canadian Division. That process involved the reorganization of 3CD from a AHC brigade to a squad. During this process and reorganization, some of the component squads decided it was in their best interests to maintain their own identities rather than simply unify into 3CD the squad. These squads (PBG, TWC) moved back to 3CD’s original hometown area of Namur and joined with the 75th Rangers and 225th Spectres in 4th MacRD. The 4 Wing squadron left 3CD to become one of the largest and most well known dedicated AHC air squadrons in game and joined the RAF orbat. The remaining squads of 3CD voted to drop their squad identities as they identified themselves primarily as 3CD and not that of another unit. 3CD had made a 3 year long transition from a full AHC division to a single squad. In the summer of 2004, CRS required AHC to reorganize. That reorganization eliminated 3CDs home as the armored brigade of the 1st Royal Marine Division. It was voted by the membership that a move back towards where our roots are would be in 3CD's best interest. As such, 3CD was moved into the 2nd Armored Brigade of the 2nd Infantry Division. We now serve as a BEF unit with our primary hometown being Eghezee. We have a working relationship with our former comrades in 4th MacRD just to our south in the French theater and you will find many of us giving support to each other as we had for 2+ years along the zipper line of the BEF and ARFR forces. The 3rd Canadian Division is proud to be a member of the Allied Armed Forces and the AHC. Our area of responsibility (AOR) is along the Sambre/Meuse Rivers with our home city being Eghezee. 3CD is a unit assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division, 2nd Armored Brigade (2AB) as our primary persona. We share this Brigade with three other squads (40 Commandos, British Rangers & 1st Spanish Company). This AHC ground presence along with our Air Wing, allow 3CD to bring all of the Allied military assets to bear on the Axis Horde! Our squad primarily plays with British equipment, but we do routinely venture south into the French AO. For more information about the 3rd Canadian Division follow this link -->
  9. I've signed back up for a bit, wanted to see how the game was holding up?
  10. Remember if your going to visit our website you must register with your in game name, so we don't let rift raft in. We have many of Willytee's cartoons, dating back to the beginning, old maps, old stories, and we will help get you up to speed with the game. Yes we are an allied squad, but from time to time we do go axis. We have friends on both sides, and we have plenty of fun.
  11. Sorry we don't get on these forums much, but we are active and recruiting. Visit our site and register with your in game name.
  12. No problem Jammyman, sorry I've been awol for a bit. Doesn't look like my staff had a chance to keep you posted. 1/5 - airmanwats bonedaddy maconthis b0om slickie1 I contacted them, they are all well on there way in the game. Few left 3CD for other squads that they knew. Just glad they stayed in the game. g3rm4n0ak mobdom k5fal I talked with them, they are playing German and I passed them off to Windhund as well. We've had a few of our Vets return to the game lately, so I hope to have a well staffed squad here soon. S!
  13. Since you haven't had any news from 3CD lately: I've been on leave for school since November and Malus the XO has been running the day to day for 3CD. But I'm back now. I worked with 4 new recruits on the German side and found them new homes with Windhund (thank you guys for taking them, very polite to an old timer foe). I forgot to write down their names, but I helped them understand how to communicate in game before handing them off. 2 others stayed with 3CD on the Allied side, and we will continue to work with them, but they seemed to have a good grasp of the game when I logged off last night. I'll get more detailed AAR's as we go along, but just wanted to state we are working on this. S! and TY