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  1. Somewhere in this forum soneone suggested changing something on the ww2.exe program related to memory that helps improve my fps. Maybe someone can help me find it? I would appreciate it. edit: nvm found it.
  2. Started in 2007 and played every year until I took a break in 2011. I used to play mainly axis in the DDz clan. I forgot how fun this game was, my first kill ingame today felt so good.
  3. I'm not sure whats causing this but black lines flash on the screen occasionally no matter where I go or what I do. I would try to take a screenshot but it goes by so quickly. Anyone else having this problem? Hope its not related to a certain computer component.
  4. What about some of the damaged buildings?
  5. He probably means the schreck since rockets go way above the intended spot on the tank at 50m. Isnt it funny though that the schreck only works well at point blank yet it has a sight made for 150m?
  6. There was 3 shermans camping the axis fru and no rpats and we wanted inf action. What do you expect us to do? Bring tanks and turn it into another tank battle? We get it allies like camping spawn points but dont bring it to beta sheesh.
  7. Unorthadox and I did quite a few test with the M9 Bazooka and so id thought I should post the results here. Its hard to record all the specific little things but I would say its fairly accurate. Btw most of the engine kills made my tank explode the moment I hit the escape button
  8. Aim at the side where engine is = flaming tank.
  9. Have you tried short burst? I don't know about you but I always hit the target with my mp40 on full auto from 4 meters...
  10. Sorry if its been reported before. We were messing around in beta and we decided to test tanks vs. ifps. Tater deployed his ifp, I fired a few HE shells from my tiger around his ifp and finally got a kill credit on him. But he was still alive though when I got the kill credit, all he took was damage.
  11. well .13 is not avaiable for auto-update atm so its still .12.
  12. ya it sux, game crashed and now I got the relooping download patch bug everytime i try to enter beta.
  13. I got the same thing now that requires .12 but theres no .12 to download...