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  1. Somewhere in this forum soneone suggested changing something on the ww2.exe program related to memory that helps improve my fps. Maybe someone can help me find it? I would appreciate it. edit: nvm found it.
  2. Started in 2007 and played every year until I took a break in 2011. I used to play mainly axis in the DDz clan. I forgot how fun this game was, my first kill ingame today felt so good.
  3. F9, and the pictures will be found in the Battleground Europe folder.
  4. I have an i7-930 at 3.6 ghz and a gtx 460 1gb overclocked and I get 20-30 fps in large battles, around 40 fps in medium sized battles, and 40+ in light empty places. Really is this the best it can run or is something wrong here?
  5. I downloaded the driver and it may have helped my framerates. I'll find out for sure in when im in a heavy battle.
  6. I tried the steps above and I still can't access my account.
  7. For some reason when I start the engine in seat 1(drivers seat) of most tanks its incredibly quiet. But when I switch to seat 3 or the gunners position I can hear the engine easily. The noise is so low in seat 1 I can't even tell if the engine is on or not. Is this supposed to happen or should I be messing with my speaker settings. Also another thing I noticed when playing infantry is vehicles/infantry are incredibly quiet when im facing a certain direction. When a et is getting close the engine noise is loud but when I turn my head a certain direction they engine is almost impossible to hear. I did get new speakers a few months ago and I haven't played WWII Online till now. Any help would be appreciated. Logitech LS21 2.1 Stereo Speaker System Edit: Never mind I fixed it. Had everything reset to default though so I didnt exactly solve the problem...
  8. Thanks for the info. I changed the nvidia settings on my gtx460. Hopefully I get a nice increase in framerates. The program is called playgate.exe in the nvidia settings right?
  9. Well now thats rather disappointing.
  10. Got the latest drivers installed Operating system: Windows 7 64bit CPU model: Intel® Core i7 CPU 930 @ 3.6 ghz GPU model: MSI Cyclone NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 1024Mb Its been overclocked at Core Clock: 878 Shader Clock: 1756 Memory Clock: 2035 Games Running at 1680x1050, low shadows and low clutter but other than that I kept most things at high quality. I was hoping the card would be handle this game fairly well but instead I am getting around 25 fps in medium/larger battles alot even with shadows on low. Is this really the best it can run the game or am I missing something?
  11. For the 3rd year in a row can I be on the Tennessee again?
  12. Its already up to date and I don't think I have any previous keyboard software that needs to be uninstalled since i was using a dell keyboard that came with the computer. The framerate in WWIIOL is fine theres no change at all, its just the epic lag when I go to desktop, I also get lag when I run or exit out of TS3. I don't know what the problem is but the keyboard doesn't lag at all when I play with left4dead and push the windows button to go to desktop.
  13. Well I have 3GB of ram intel core 2 duo E7200 @ 2.53GHz Windows Vista Nvidia 9400 GT and I ctrl-alt-del to use go on the internet when im guarding something ingame or to adjust volume or do whatever else but the second i ctrl-alt-del it lags and stutters and takes around a minute till I finally get to the desktop.
  14. I keep getting incredible lag when I ctrl-alt-del out of WWIIOL to the desktop, is this common to anyone else or i there a fix to the problem? I tihnk it may have something to do with teamspeak 3. edit: I tested wwiiol and TS separately and it seems to be actually both.
  15. lol at 1:12, spinning 109.