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  1. There have always been tiers past T3. They might not be any different to T3 supply lists now, but in the past, every tier past T3 added more late-tier equipment, and removed some early tier stuff. The .rdp will still tell you what tier you are in past T3.
  2. LOL. That is sig-worthy.
  3. As soon as the French factories are capped, the French army stops getting supplied. Period. Even if you made it so that every town in France needed to be captured, the Germans would still focus on the French factories and after capping them 6 of the 9 Allied divisions would be worthless. It would be terribly annoying game play at the end of a campaign to capture those last few towns.
  4. I hear ya. 2 weeks per tier is ridiculous, and one would hope they would know that. I advocated starting every 5th campaign in T1 or T2 (C145, C150, etc.) but it fell on deaf ears.
  5. What happens when we have a month long campaign with 3 day tiers? We spend 70% of the campaign in T3+ where there are as many Tigers as S76s. No thanks. I really think 1 week per tier is as reasonable as possible. Anything lower than 5 days wouldn't be good for those long campaigns. I would say the average campaign lasts about a month, doesn't it?
  6. The population was EXTREMELY balanced for C143. Less than 1% difference on Time On Mission (TOM), which is literally as close as it can be. Not only that, the Allies actually had quite a few more sorties than the Axis to boot. Even C142 had less than 2% TOM difference. There are reasons why these campaigns unfolded the way they did, not least of which is how well the Axis played. But population imbalance was not one of them.
  7. It's not rubbish though. I can think of at least a half-dozen names right now that aren't playing because of how badly the Allies have been shafted over the past year. And those are just from the handful of people I know. You talk about the "Doc days" and many Allied advantages. The "Doc days" are gone, therefore you are admitting the Allies have been nerfed. Did you know that the Axis won the majority of campaigns in the "Doc days"? Hint: any changes done to hurt the Allies were not necessary. Also, this is the second time in a row the Axis have won a campaign in 1 week with almost no overpop. Last campaign they had 2% more TOM. This campaign they had 0.3% more. 0.3%!!! The Allies even clocked 8k more sorties in C143. These campaigns aren't being won because of massive pop imbalances, they are being won because of massive spawnlist imbalances. How many 1-week campaigns is it gonna take until the lightbulb turns on in your head?
  8. Because velocity is squared, it is far more dominant than mass. If you double mass, KE doubles. If you double velocity, KE increases four fold.
  9. I see. Thanks for taking on and training some newbs btw!
  10. Supposedly, there was a thread to fix the MP34 a while back, but the "Allied whine crew" got it locked and removed, according to @major0noob.
  11. You have over 20 minutes to place your next AO, and you get a large text notice every minute for 20 minutes. If you have an active HC online, there is no excuse for a system AO (apart from purposely letting System AO to game the game, but that's pretty rare). Also, softcaps delems!?!?! Come on man. At least sit in a depot at an active AO or something...
  12. It compares very poorly according to most accounts. Although that's coming from the same people who think the MP40 is worthless and only use the MG34.
  13. This is correct. Don't nitpick if you don't know your maths
  14. This we can agree on! I can't wait for his stuff to get in game.