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  1. I lol'ed at "Crane Simulator"
  2. Good post. This need for an intermediary position has been identified for some time and finally came to fruition in the form of the Reserve Officer role a couple years ago. Basically, a portion of the OrBat is dedicated to placing Reserve Officers in, and those officers technically have no map responsibility other than as an officer of last resort. This was not the case when I joined AHC in 2011. I distinctly remember the first time I had map and being absolutely terrified of having control of the players' supply. I was so worried about watching the map that I let a ninja cap the Anhee bunker while I was the one guarding it lol. That was the worst map stint I ever had thanfully... but as an air officer I was able to take it slowly, watch from afar, and pick the brains of others; that eventually paid off. It's amazing how much experience pays dividends if you are willing to learn. If you want to join HC as a reserve officer for your side, I highly recommend it. You can go .hcoff as long as there is no other Active Officer online, or stay in Blue Chat and help your MOIC by doing all the little things that need to be done.
  3. Pretty much this.
  4. I feel like this could be a role best suited to TTs. Giving this kind of power to riverine FMBs wouldn't be appropriate.
  5. I like the general idea.
  6. I also go by Governor-General of the Barracks and Air Chief Marshal of the Hangar.
  7. There is nothing exclusive about this "exclusive set of players" other than the other players not willing to join them. The only thing excluding them is themselves.
  8. I agree with these general sentiments. All the more reason for these bits and pieces to be unified under a single banner, accomplishing a collective set of goals. Success is defined as winning campaigns. The game hasn't come to a standstill so success is still being achieved. HC doesn't issue orders. We guide and direct. After that, it's all up to the PB to determine the outcomes. As an officer, I would never tell another squad how they should organize themselves. I'm a pretty confident officer but even I'm not that brazen or arrogant. All I'm stating is the benefits of working together. People already work together under a single identity and a single commander; these units are known as squads. I don't think asking squads to work together under the leadership of an officer is asking too much, especially when the officer corps is composed of their squad's own members.
  9. You make it sound as if squads and HC are not only completely independent, but actually at odds with one another. Almost everyone in HC is in a squad so this premise is patently false. You know, we have a separate chat channel that only we in HC can see (colloquially known as Blue Chat). While there is the occasional heated debate about what's best to do next, the majority of conversations revolve around comments like "how can we help?" or "Lancers will set FRUs at the next P1" or "WHIPS will form the tank column in 10min"... and NOT "Lancers are logging off since we can't get an AO on Schilde after setting it up [withouth working with the MOIC's objectives]" or "WHIPS are resigning all their members from GHC since the MOIC won't move a reserve flag to the front". Those squads that work with HC are the most successful squads, and those officers that work with squads are the most successful officers. Working together across squad lines (which HC facilitates) is superior to squads working independently and trying to do their own thing, especially when they are at odds with one another despite being on the same side.
  10. Not only did you not tell me anything I didn't already know, but this response has literally nothing to do with my post or Player Placed AOs. A lot of your posts are really good merlin, but occasionaly you produce ones like this where it seems like you just like to hear yourself speak (or read what you write, technically).
  11. To my knowledge, the idea of "Player Placed AOs" was supposed to be a solution for times when there are no HCs online to place AOs. How it suddenly became the forefront of a new AO system is a mystery. Of the issues with the current iteration of HC and supply, the placement of AOs is generally not at the top of the list. There's also the fact that there are "good" towns to take at a given time vs "bad" towns to take. All towns need to eventually be captured, but the order of capture is best left to individual decision makers and NOT to a population that is changing every minute of every day.
  12. One thing to keep in mind would be the removal mechanics for player-activated AOs. The strategic concept of “swapping” between multiple hot AOs is central to successful AO execution, especially at peak times with balanced pop. Many times some of the best fights occur after an AO has been stale for 20-30 minutes, followed by a spawnable capture. If AOs drop every few minutes as the number of players in the activation radius waxes and wanes, it wouldn’t be very fun.
  13. My sentiments exactly. Well said.
  14. Agree 100000%. If HC doesn't have veto power over these new player-set AOs, things are going to get very, very ugly. Their primary purpose should revolve around times when there are no HC online. HC's position as the playerbase's pinata actually provides benefits, since in lieu of blaming the HC, the PB has no1 to blame but themselves.