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  1. Absolutely the right call not to push frivolously through a 1 town snake, no matter how big the hole on the other side. Those who don't understand that will appreciate your explanation though. S!
  2. What? If you're referring to the 2 pounder, it's only in 40% of the Allied flags and saying "it can kill anything at range" is a bit of a misrepresentation since it makes it sound like a concealable 88.
  3. This is exactly what makes WWIIOL a double-edged sword. There is nothing else in the gaming world that comes close to capturing the morale effects of warfare. It simultaneously makes the game special while making the game its own worst enemy.
  4. Ditto lol.
  5. I'd buy a WWIIOL coffee mug.
  6. During C118, the Allies were underpop and emerged victorious. Afaik, that's the only underpop victory in the last 60ish campaigns.
  7. So you're saying the money doesn't go to hookers and blow? How depressing...
  8. Nice being creative and all, but this really exemplifies 2 things: that PPOs have a lot of possibilities, and that we don't have enough variation with the current PPOs (in this example we are using Bunkers laid out sideways in order to build a wall).
  9. And that's only the first step.
  10. There are going to be restrictions/parameters in place, so to say the Allies can change town ownership "whenever they want" is inaccurate.
  11. If I had to duel in the air for a free year long subscription, I would choose a 109 F4. If I was limited to T0, I would choose a 109 E4. And dueling isn't even the 109's strength (teamwork is; see drag-n-bag). It is arguably the best overall aircraft platform that we have in game. All that being said, the Spitfire still needs to be looked at. Personally, I also think the Hawks aren't as rugged as they ought to be; maybe a more rugged Hawk and a less rugged Spitfire would see more balanced use, instead of the 4:1 ratio of British:French that is normally seen.
  12. Oh please. Let them audit the aircraft first before even suggesting such nonsense.
  13. Just switch the DMs of the Hawk and the Spit. Spit maintains its maneuverability but becomes more vulnerable; Hawk still climbs like a rock but can actually take hits now Fwiw, last time I played Axis several years ago, I predominately flew (without a wingman) and was a top 5 pilot through 3 tiers and I'm not even a good pilot. I also remember in years past, the top 25 fighter list each campaign would have about a 3:1 Axis-to-Allied ratio. Most of the best pilots who ever flew in this game were mainly Axis pilots. In 2013, the overall historical K/D for fighter vs fighter for the Allies was 0.95 (1.05 for the Axis), but if you removed the 110 from the calculation, the number dropped precipitously to 0.77 (or 1.30 for the Axis).