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  1. I hope the KE audit fixes this when they remove AP (except for the BAR) and replace it with ball.
  2. The only Pak36 ammo change I know of occurred many years ago. Lower penetration is expected from the Pak36 after the KE/ammo audit, afaik.
  3. Lol. /thread
  4. I'm not pretending it's fine. I want it to be looked at. All I'm saying is don't be surprised if it's still a tough cookie with great flight characteristics afterwards.
  5. Although not the fastest or longest-range aircraft in its class, the Douglas DB-7 series distinguished itself as a tough, dependable combat aircraft with an excellent reputation for speed and maneuverability. In a report to the British Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment (AAEE) at RAF Boscombe Down, test pilots summed it up as: "has no vices and is very easy to take off and land ... The aeroplane represents a definite advantage in the design of flying controls ... extremely pleasant to fly and manoeuvre." Ex-pilots often consider it their favorite aircraft of the war due to the ability to toss it around like a fighter. The Douglas bomber/night fighter was found to be extremely adaptable and found a role in every combat theater of the war, and excelled as a true "pilot's aeroplane". I wonder which one of you edited the A-20 Wiki Page to read as if it was describing the A-20 of WWII Online, @jester @bogol @Mosizlak. REAL FUNNEH GUYS! Oh wait... The A-20 was also the direct predecessor of the A-26, an aircraft so well-designed that it served with the USAF into the Vietnam War...
  6. What I said doesn't preclude me from accepting that there is also a grain of truth in these tears. But threads like these hurt the chances of getting any issues corrected (there's nothing in the OP vid that seems out of touch with reality). I've always believed there to be a serious issue with the Spitfire DM. At the same time, everything I've read about the DB-7 says that it was an extremely rugged light bomber/intruder aircraft. Apart from doing loops (which were expressly prohibited in the DB-7 manual), I think the aircraft is modeled fairly accurately. Don't be surprised if the airplane can still absorb a decent amount of hits and fly like a bat out of hell after it gets audited.
  7. There are a lot of Axis tears about the DB-7 and Spitfire that have accumulated over the years. You have to treat every thread like this with a grain of salt.
  8. Bingo. I hope so too buddy. I hope so too.
  9. Thank you for the rundowns tman and syd.
  10. Agreed.
  11. Points system has needed an overhaul for years.
  12. Yeah, this is looking like a massive failure on AHC's part more than anything. If that's true, at least it can be fixed. That's why I'm really curious to get the Axis MOIC's perspectives on this. What did we do wrong?
  13. @Tman @hierbart @sgthenning What say you?
  14. I know it's not extremely significant Pete, but is there any chance you could pass it on that the Win History link is inaccurate in certain places? At least get those 83-92 campaigns updated