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  1. The solution was to never have created the problem in the first place when they raised the Tiger numbers. The T3 armor lists were perfectly balanced before that change. There were zero complaints about it. Then all of a sudden the Tiger turret speed gets jacked to a non-historical rate and their numbers double (or more in the case of armor flags/HQs). It was a classic case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".
  2. Lower. Their. Numbers.
  3. The tiger problem is so obvious, a blind man could see it. And yet @OHM refuses to change anything.
  4. Thank you Chaos.
  5. So it's still Tiger-mania after T2? I'll guess I'll continue my break.
  6. I've pointed this out for what feels like years, ever since timers went above the training time.
  7. Thanks for the update.
  8. Just the simple fact that the Truck part of this advertisement says NOTHING about FMS usage just goes to show how little you understand your game sometimes... It is the single most important object in the game. Nothing else even comes close.
  9. Just in case you only glossed over my post, I wasn't saying I don't agree with removing SD (I was a proponent of it and still am until the data says otherwise). What I don't agree with is removing FMS ability from F2P players. It's very unfortunate that creating an FMS is tied to using a truck (because I'm fairly certain that's why you are restricting it). Like I said, it's pretty obvious that fewer FMS per campaign means less action overall. You should be doing all you can to maximize FMS placement, not minimize it.
  10. He means that the balance mechanisms are working to prevent a map roll. I don't think he means the "game" itself is working and healthy (because its not...). The balance mechanisms are not designed to make losing more fun. They are designed to make losing suck less. In fact, I have yet to play a competitive game where the balance mechanisms are such that I am always having fun when I'm losing, and/or never care that I am losing. I'm not sure why the map hasn't rolled faster (maybe the overall pop is THAT low?), but delems is right that 24% TOM advantage is enormous. It's also possible that the recent change to the F2P accounts to prevent them from setting FMS has led to a net decrease in the total amount of FMS set. If no FMS = no successful attacks, then it follows that fewer FMS = fewer successful attacks. I still am not a big fan of this idea at all @XOOM.
  11. @chaoswzkd can. And this is a very good question too, one I didn't even think about yet.
  12. Hey guys, Sometimes you might feel like this is a thankless job (and for the most part it is). Sometimes you have to deal with disgruntled, side-biased players who are incapable of reason in your quest for usable feedback. Sometimes you sacrifice your family time to get an extra hour or two of volunteer work done. I'm writing this so you know that you are not forgotten about. You are all appreciated for helping to move WWII Online forward. We couldn't be doing it without you. Thank you for combining your individual expertise with your passion for our beloved game.
  13. This (some movable air supply) is fine for AHC. We can work with this until you guys have more time to revisit the garrisons and what not. And obviously the Axis needs the same setup for balance reasons even if they don't need the added flexibility (at least until we get to a full-fledged Italian TOE where they can garrison towns and airfields on their own). We understand you can only do so much. I think I've made our case very clear to you chaos, and based on your posts you in turn definitely understand where we are coming from. That's all that we at AHC can ask for. PS - if every airfield is active, that means whoever owns more airfields has more air supply. I'm not sure I like that... At this point in development I doubt you can change that, but doing it like that means that whoever is winning the map gets to turn their snowball of aircraft into an avalanche, if they so choose.
  14. Absolutely. Doc had the balance down pat. I never once had to point out a supply issue to him (apart from M10s in T0 but that was a real anomaly). But with new CRS? Balance seems to be a problem every other campaign. We still have the obscene amount of Tigers in T3+...