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  1. I see that. But if after nearly 20 years they haven't found a solution that perfectly counter balances an inherently unbalanced game, then there probably is no solution. It would have been done by now.
  2. Then this headache will never go away.
  3. Balanced sides would fix the overpop/underpop issue overnight. No more funky cap timers. No more erratic spawn delay. Perfect pop balance 24/7. No finger pointing or excuses. There's a reason why balanced sides are a near universal feature in FPS gaming...
  4. Aircraft damage models (and maybe some flight models) still need to be audited. They audited the 109 flight model on its own because of the flop. While it does make the 109 more stable, some of the better 109 pilots have said that the change has made it more difficult to execute some of the more extreme maneuvers. Long story short, if you could fly the 109 before the change without flopping, you could get more out of the airframe than you can now after the change. It's still a net positive, since there was only minimal outcry about the change but a lot more praise.
  5. If the Allies become the overpop side and this ends up hurting them more, that’s still a win for the Allies.
  6. Then play on the underpop side so you don’t have to wait. If you want to club baby seals, you’re gonna have to wait first.
  7. Same thing with driving in trucks non-stop to achieve the same persistence, no? That's part of the game. There will always be jobs that need to be done that don't involve killing and capping.
  8. I think I will play a lot more next campaign due to this change alone. I hope to have some good feedback for you. When I polled this exact topic a while ago in the forums, truth be told I was shocked to see the poll results as close as they were. I expected something more akin to how you describe your ingame polling results. I guess it just goes to show that the forums can sometimes be a vocal minority after all. I think it's a massive step in the right direction @XOOM. And it's good to know that you are seeing the same issues that some of us have been seeing for a while now. There are other alternatives to maintaining active battles that can be tried, especially if this change turns out to be a net negative (although I don't think it will).
  9. This feeling of always having a chance is a direct consequence of the Axis having more players on their bench since day one. Conversely, the Allied feeling of not always having a chance is direct consequence of that same fact. If the Allies drew more players as a matter of course, it would be the Allies who developed the more resilient of the two side's cultures over the past 2 decades. That's just the way that cookie crumbles.
  10. Fantasy narratives like this is part of why we can't have nice things.
  11. I'd love this. Reminds me of the squad leader concept in BF2.
  12. I don't think the system allows you to be in both OrBats at once (@B2K?). You'd have to work it out so that GHC will reserve your spot for you until you return, and then when you do return they'd just place you in the OrBat without having to go through OCS again.
  13. This is the big issue. If both sides were regularly capturing stuff back and forth outside of WBS I'd be more inclined to be a little wary about this change. But the opposite is true. Right now, the map moves because one side isn't as competent at the other, not because offense is in a good spot. Even during WBS, a big reason for the back and forth capturing was because of the stupidly high success rate of Counter AOs and because there were more AOs than there were people to man them with a 2-AO minimum, allowing for a greater ease of truck-based FMS placement. If you come to attack an enemy town with a marching band and Goodyear blimp announcing your arrival, you're gonna get stomped by an active defender before the battle even starts. If you come to a town quietly and undetected, you're gonna have a good chance of getting a battle going. People need to start to accept that some degree of stealth is required to actually have a battle develop in and around a town. Also @dre21, this is as far as I want to see this FRU go. The line should be drawn here. I will never support AT infantry spawning from an infantry-placed FRU, ever.
  14. Anyone who does come over for some temporary assistance, I'd only ask one thing. Try to make it a point to lead by example. The Allies need a culture shock of some sort to snap them out of this rut. Like the lack of chat comms thing mentioned earlier. Even something as basic as seeing other people actively using the chat bar could help the Allies start to communicate more. If people come Allied so the Allies get a pity campaign, that will be good for our short-term morale... but eventually we will just fall back into the same rut unless the side's culture dramatically changes. @parasit tried this a couple campaigns ago and it frustrated the heck out of him, so be prepared!
  16. Nice list of fixes. Good work CRS.
  17. Gratz choad.
  18. Don't forget that Pott is almost as far away from the server as one can be. Anomalies are going to be inherent.
  19. Both need to be cut substantially. We don't have WBS pop levels anymore.
  20. That's how I see it too. Without changing the current capture code, it would take an extraordinary amount of work to add capture radii to every CP in the game, as each would have to be custom fitted to the area where it resides. That's extremely unfortunate though, because this is one of the game's Achilles' heels. At the same time, it's a mistake they won't make for WWIIOL 2.0.
  21. Textures are images that cover a certain area in the game world. Every wall you see, every roof, every road, literally every surface that is visible in the game has a texture that allows us to see it. In the case of the CP building, the capture "area" is literally the floor texture of the CP building. The only way to have a capture "radius" with the current capture code would be to literally have a circular texture on the ground in the game around every CP building (if I'm understanding SCKING correctly).
  22. Seriously?... Idk man. Idk.
  23. That's pretty cool imo.
  24. We're sending a full division of love and support your way, courtesy of AHC. Imded.