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  1. You still need engineers on the ground to finish the FB off. Bombers don't have a game-breaking impact, but they do have an impact on FB damage now. That's a positive imo.
  2. Players with very high pings basically take an extra bit of time for their client to register that they are hit/dead. During that extra bit of time, they can get a shot off on you even though you might have gotten the drop on them. When fighting players with semi-normal pings, I find the CQB to be bearable (dare I say reliable?). It's the fringe guys that cause most of the issues. Just look at a game like Overwatch. The CQB in that game suffers so much from high ping that they segregated the world's playerbase into 3 separate servers: America, Europe, and Asia. The same is generally true for any online FPS. Even players in online games without intensive FPS/CQB will gravitate towards servers with lower pings over higher pings. There's only so much that can be done in regards to lag/ping if we are going to remain a world-wide game on a single server.
  3. The FB change for bombers is a good one. I'm not sure about the Bomber EWS change though. Was that asked for? Why do people feel it's necessary to remove it? It's going to make RDP bomber interception harder, especially for the Axis.
  4. Lancers have a lot of Euro players. You might feel comfortable rolling with us. Ask around in game and one of our recruiters can send you an invite.
  5. I would start every 5th campaign at some tier beyond Tier 0 depending on how long the previous 4 campaigns lasted.
  6. Shoulda made this a poll C5! While I appreciate the fact that the AB isn't the holy grail of the town CPs, I also appreciate the old way of the AB being a holy grail lol. There was a certain degree of tension. It wasn't just about which side kills more. It's about which side plays to the tune of the mechanics that determine victory. It used to be if you didn't play the right way, it didn't matter how many kills you had. Killing wasn't the end-all be-all. But in a system where killing trumps all, the guys with the sub-one K/Ds are by definition not impacting the game as much as the guys with higher K/Ds. If you die more than you kill in a world where killing is the only thing that matters, in a world where it's either kill or be killed, then it's actually beneficial for your side if you don't play at all. Otherwise you are taking away supply that could be put to better use by someone who kills others more than they get killed.
  7. The big thing to cut (imo) is tank supply. I'm tired of chopping up the lists and hashing out recommendations if they aren't being utilized, so I won't do that here. The garrison inf supply seems okay. I'd like to see a greater proportion of autos-to-rifles as the Tiers progress though. I think 135 Rifles to 30 SMGs is a good ratio... for T0. But by the time the Americans come in, that number of SMGs should be at least 50. I know that's already done on some level, but I think a more gradual shift across the tiers would be better.
  8. The Allied window is 5min, not 10. If it's supposed to be 10, it's not working correctly. Okay. I reread my question from the other thread and it wasn't exactly asking for this. But as I said above, the Allied window is 5 minutes. The way this should work out (as I believe @choad pointed out on the first page of this thread) is that each side should get their supply starting at the same time, regardless of whether or not the Allies switch ownership during the grace period (it is a grace period after all). The order takes about 3 minutes to complete too, which means that unless the Allies place the ownership order within 2 minutes of capturing a town, the town swap can fall outside of the grace period. The 10 minute period should completely cover that. There's no reason to reset the Allies' timer in this case...
  9. Last time I was MOIC, the Allies captured 2 towns (Beauraing and Diest). Both were lost to Counter AOs in minimum time. I gave out ample warning to the Allies over .allied. We saw it coming. We had enough coordination and leadership to capture two towns, so we definitely had the coordination and leadership to defend them. But we didn't have supply because of the aforementioned FB issue. I agree with the other posters. There are issues with the way this plays out. Also @SCKING, I believe you mentioned to me in another thread that a newly captured town's garrison supply begins to trickle instantly. Everyone in this thread is saying that there seems to be a delay (which corroborates what I felt like I was seeing). So which is it?
  10. Reading this thread makes me want to pull my hair out. Holy [censored].
  11. I don't see it either. I also don't see any other way forward in regards to WWIIOL 2.0. There's only so much gas left in this game engine.
  12. Phew. Good. That's fair then.
  13. Sometimes we don't even get a chance to waste all of the supply. If a Counter AO is immediately placed and executed properly, the defenders could outnumber the attackers and still lose the town because half of them can't spawn. Do you know if supply trickles in for the Allies during the grace period or not? Because if supply is trickling in for the Germans for those 5 minutes while the Allies have to wait for that 5 minutes to expire, that's a massive advantage. If that's what's happening, the Axis needs a 5min delay on their trickle as well.
  14. So, there's a game called EverQuest. It is a subscription-based MMORPG that was very popular in the early 2000s. The game is still running, but is a shadow of its former population due to changes in design and development. However, there is an emulator available which allows players to play the game for free, provided that people host their own servers. The most popular server is Project 1999, which tries to recreate the classic EverQuest experience. Peak server populations on P1999 right now hover at around 1500. The community is extraordinarily robust (if a little bit obsessive), and I believe there are two main reasons for that. One, they are offering a unique style of gaming that no one else currently offers. Two, it's entirely free to play. The people who run P1999 even have an agreement in place with the parent company of EverQuest that allows them to legally keep operating as long as nothing in the game is monetized. Part of me wonders how good this game could play with a completely free server and volunteer-only Dev team.
  15. Antwerp is a prime spot for it now with the way it's broken up, and the Allies hardly take advantage of it. I mean, even I would do it there... if there wasn't always something more important that needed to be done.
  16. Stuff like this was accurately predicted when 1.36 was first announced. And this is exactly what a lot of people wanted: less thinking, more killing. The gameplay feels healthier now, but until WBS is over it's impossible to tell how much of that improvement is due to 1.36 and how much is due to the increased numbers from WBS. And I still have yet to come across a single report of interdiction of resupply.
  17. Pot calling the kettle black, or turtle calling the turtles "turtles"?
  18. Like has already been mentioned, I've used a 2nd account to check the spawn lists when the tiers change to make sure there were no mistakes made by CRS. But uhhh, any officer going across sides to get this information for an advantage is cheating in my book. Not only that, the officer commands work for both sides. It's bad on several levels. If a player (non-HC) really wanted to, they could switch sides, screenshot a bunch of different lists across the map, and then feed that info to the other side. "Town X has low SMGs, Town Y is out of Matties." At that point you are in a grey area and can just pretend that you came to this supply knowledge through playing, like @ian77 stated above. There's no way for an officer to tell how a player gained this knowledge. Switching sides is allowed for any non-HC player.
  19. I was just looking for that post too and I can't seem to find it. It needs its own sticky.
  20. I don't think you get one. The 3H came out last tier, right?
  21. I've been here this whole time and I don't even know what happened.
  22. It's fun to do if the burden is shared. He'd never burn out if there were enough guys like him. He probably didn't mind those 8-10 hour map stints. In fact he probably enjoyed them. But he probably minded that he had to do them 8 days a week. That's what causes burnout.
  23. I acknowledged this exact point when I said "And the same was true for non-leaders." People left. A subset of the people who left were HC. Nothing to disagree about here.