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  1. I've been here this whole time and I don't even know what happened.
  2. It's fun to do if the burden is shared. He'd never burn out if there were enough guys like him. He probably didn't mind those 8-10 hour map stints. In fact he probably enjoyed them. But he probably minded that he had to do them 8 days a week. That's what causes burnout.
  3. I acknowledged this exact point when I said "And the same was true for non-leaders." People left. A subset of the people who left were HC. Nothing to disagree about here.
  4. Probably not without entering into an unacceptable level of unrealism. And that is the dilemma of WWIIOL. The same thing that makes it so special and enjoyable is also what makes it so unforgiving and unenjoyable.
  5. The game was more novel in the early 2000s than it is today. That novelty drew in the leaders you speak of. As that novelty wore off, the leaders drifted away for this reason and many others. And the same was true for the non-leaders. That's also why we saw the biggest jump in the history of the game after TOEs were introduced. It was something completely novel that had never been done before, just like WWIIOL's first go around. Maybe there's only so much novelty left that this game has to give.
  6. Are you criticizing CRS for driving off the leadership, or criticizing the leadership for only playing when they have it easy?
  7. @raptor34 If you want to gain a decent chunk of altitude while coming from most backline AFs, it will take longer than 15 minutes in anything that isn't a Spit or a 109/190. Bombers and planes like the P40 will push 20min. Again, in any case where ground supply is actually attritioned, that battle is already over and a new one then begins where there is supply. Always. It happens around the clock (maybe not with a whole lot of action). Also, there is never a time where every time I want to spawn in to play on the ground that I am forced to spend 15+ minutes of travel each time. Even the Matty and Char can get to most battlefields in less than 10min. There are situations where completely attritioned AFs will be covering a given sector containing all of the games AOs, and so if I'm a pilot I am instantly saddled with a burden that no player on the ground shares. Completely attritioning AFs should be able to happen, but it should not be the norm. Even as it is now, attrition still occurs with the good stuff. Top-tier aircraft will always be at a premium and always be limited. It isn't hard to take out the top-tier aircraft in a given sector over the course of flying around just 1 AO. That alone puts a damper on the flyboys' participation rate. But even if there are just hurri1s and 109e1s left in the list, there should usually be something to spawn. It shouldn't be unlimited, but that bottom-tier stuff should be somewhat plentiful. And when it comes to new pilots, you absolutely need a good amount of that bottom tier stuff as well. The only way they can learn is by dying a lot in those early birds. New pilots shouldn't be penalized for that imo. And with this setup, you might actually see people ferrying in top-tier aircraft from backline AFs to the front. A 15 minute restock flight is a lot quicker than a 30+ minute armor drive for restocking.
  8. If I'm CRS, I have no idea how to reconcile these two posts.
  9. What is 0?
  10. what?!?!
  11. I was browsing through WillyTee's comics and came across this one from who knows how long ago: Has there been any restocking and interdiction yet?
  12. Allied Air Officer SOP has always been to include both countries in every airfield that we can afford to do so. Taking away air flags removes this flexibility. If air supply is too high to see effective attrition, just cut it a bit. No need to reinvent the wheel when there's a much simpler solution available. Also, air attrition is more sensitive of a matter than ground attrition. Pilots naturally fly around AOs, but they don't get to choose those AOs. If there are no aircraft available near the AOs, then the pilots don't have a game to play. Some might argue that pilots can just spawn at backline AFs, but when those flight times start creeping up quickly, pilots will simply stop flying. I think it's fair to expect a 15 min travel time in this game, air or ground. Above that number and you start getting into unrealistic time constraints for a video game. On the ground though, there's always something to spawn and fight with somewhere. There's never a case where every single AO or DO is out of supply. On the other hand, if the AF lists are too small, that means aircraft can be removed from an entire sector for hours at a time, and it's entirely possible that the game's AOs during that timeframe are taking place in that depleted sector.
  13. Do you mind if I ask what issues you are seeing on the Axis side? I have a feeling it's the exact same stuff we are worried about over here.
  14. One night of Allied TZ3 and the sky is falling for the Axis?... Come on man lol
  15. I've said this before: if every person played the game "correctly" and just sat at the map screen waiting for EWS, there'd be no one to actually set off the EWS. If everyone only played offense, you may never run into another player, but at least towns would be getting captured and the map would be moving. It still wouldn't be very PvP, but at least there would be some semblance of life in the game. If everyone only played defense, then nothing happens. Literally nothing. It's just a lot easier to stop an attack than it is to get one going, and without good AOs the gameplay is awful. The more people focus on defense, the worse the game plays out. The most tense moments in the game are during hotly contested AOs, not autowalking towards truck audios... EDIT: For the record, it's not a player problem but a game mechanic problem. Players who stop attacks before they start are in fact playing the game well. That's the problem: certain game mechanics encourage this type of behavior.
  16. Also, wtf happened last night? That's the most towns I've seen the Allies take overnight in 2+ years.
  17. Exactly. You can have a 5 tank column with a dozen infantry on foot and aerial recon in support of that one truck, and it still only takes one shot from a rifleman hidden in a bush for that truck to be taken out.
  18. I can't speak for anyone else, but for me personally, I despise playing defense. I guess if I wanted to, I could watch for EWS all day and instantly take down every truck that comes my way, but that'd be boring as [censored]. Likewise, the reason you see Allied FMSs so far out is because some players on the Axis love to watch for EWS and stop the action before it even gets started. It's like they get turned on by it. When the FMS came out, the name of the game became "let's frustrate the crap out of each other until one side blinks" and the Allies blinked first. What I mean is, we let our lack of success on AOs filter down into our DOs. And so you have better Axis FMSs simply because they aren't challenged as often.
  19. Coolness factor of bombing vs sapping aside, the main issue the OP wants addressed is the difficulty of flipping non-active FBs. There are multiple ways to do that and I'm open to any one of them if people are against bombing. What's nice about the bombing idea though is that it's a two-birds-one-stone deal. Not only do you mitigate the FB issue but you also add additional targets for the fly boys. And they are kinda in need of targets.
  20. The Allies are getting precariously close to the point of no return. There used to be a lot more back and forth chat between the PB and HC. Questions like "what's needed?" "where to next?" "what FBs do we need?" "how is supply?" "do we need a new AO?", and their respective answers. Since the chat channel change where Side is no longer a default channel, Allied comms feel dead. They were kinda dead already, but now they are more dead than I've ever seen. I have a feeling this impacted the Axis side's comms too, but maybe not as much seeing as they've had channel 10 since time immemorial. Or maybe the Allies are still tuned to Side, and they just don't talk. The Allies already had a problem with too many small squads who don't work together. It feels like the loss of Side chat has only amplified this issue with coordination. Getting your whole side to tune to the same channel can be a mountain to climb in its own right.
  21. (has anyone had an interdiction mission yet? I haven't seen a word of it so far)
  22. There a some guys who can do more than 3 lol.
  23. That's depressing.
  24. While I like this idea in general, I'm not sure it will fly with Xoom. Anything that makes flags more powerful or shifts more supply to them is a big no no, at least until both HCs are healthy enough to prove otherwise. "waaah I wanna use my tiger but no HC online waaah" kinda thing.