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  1. Xoom removed the ability for F2P to make missions yesterday (which was a mistake imo), and they probably took away the binocs in the process. S!
  2. Axis doing much better since this thread was started. Many Allies are also burned out from the last several campaigns. Seems to be the perfect storm And tbh, it's nice to see a healthy Axis side again.
  3. I'm so sorry to hear this buckeyes! You have my best wishes! S!
  4. To pass all training levels you can type .graduate true
  5. Hello. Welcome to WWII Online. I haven't gone through the training in a while, but if I recall correctly the Basic Combat Training part no longer functions. It used to be a separate arena where one could practice against other new players.
  6. This is a zero sum game. For every winner, there is a loser. Sometimes we just have to take our licks with silence when it's our turn. But it will be their turn again soon enough Especially if we can get Allied RDP to be a factor once again (but that means having a fair amount of DB7 supply, which we have not had for many months).
  7. S! lobjr! The Great lobb12 has told me so much about you. *Meanwhile, lob12 is in the corner kicking the cat.
  8. Hey jvr, I think a full reinstall is a wise decision. Here's the link for it:
  9. Tbh, I might have gone to high school with the one on the left. Something about her is oddly familiar...
  10. Go get 'em 2nd Rangers! S!
  11. I'm not saying it's this way every night, but I know for a fact that we had 4 defenders in Feschaux during the first of the TZ3 cutoffs this campaign. I was told by someone else that we had 2 defenders total in Chimay at least for some time during your attack.
  12. It's pretty much just 4wing.
  13. This might be a good time to take footage for a promotional video. I have zero video editing experience, but I'm sure someone around here does. Just a thought. S!
  14. Freud comes to mind.
  15. One campaign won't hurt Oh and good luck with your air wing Gypsy (and thx for clarifying #4). How many do you have now?
  16. Does anyone know if this still works, and if so, how do I do it? (I can't really understand all of what this poster is saying)
  17. Bump due to general Lancer awesomeness: