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  1. I think the bigger question to ask is: why are ninja actions favored? Well, they tend to be more successful than sending a PM to the opposing HC and telling them where you are going to attack next 15 minutes in advance so they can set up a good defence, right? On a basic level, people follow the path of least resistance. The following are all "ninja" tactics that greatly increase the chance of successfully taking a town: -don't set off EWS until multiple people are in position to set FMS -set off fake EWS at other towns -coasting in trucks with engines off so you avoid the enemy -capping a CP without killing an AFK defender -mole P2 AOs to draw defenders from your P1 AO, or hope that you can cap an unguarded spawnable at the P2 -fast swapping (i.e. switching towns faster than your enemy so that you can avoid fighting them) If you don't want your game to play this way, then the game needs to be designed in such a way that ninja actions are detrimental, while team-based actions are central and beneficial. The RPAT is a great example of this. A defender who takes an RPAT out of town alone without support should be a bad/ineffective thing for the defenders to try and do. Instead, it's usually a one-way ticket to 4 silent tank kills. If defense wasn't so easy, people wouldn't be so inclined to ninja when they attack.
  2. This is just as much a problem to the whole game as it is a potential solution to the TZ3 woes. Defending. Is. Too. Easy. When. You. Focus. On. It. There is too significant of a disparity between attacking and defending.
  3. It really doesn't matter at this point.
  4. The inf spawns from FBs would make awesome FMSs. The ATGs/AA would still need to spawn outside the object, but it'd be a huge improvement. Great idea.
  5. The idea is great. The price difference is not enough. It should be more like $6.99-$7.99-$9.99 in the above example.
  6. This is exactly what some of us have been saying and predicting for over 2 years now. Although the change in the bunker's significance was something I did not expect. The map may be more stable and less reliant on HC (overall a good thing) but the gameplay will be more bland as a result, and now HC doesn't have the same ability to alleviate player supply issues. Things will get even more "interesting" with proximity AOs. A few years ago CRS tried to listen to the PB and incorporate some supply cuts to amplify attrition. They got crucified for it (although tbf they really didn't do it correctly and they reverted without really trying harder). Still quite ironic.
  7. Afaik, capping an AB does not unlock the garrison supply of nearby towns in the depots. Although I still believe flags will function as they did.
  8. They really do make it look like something is going on.
  9. So does that mean all of the good changes you made are going to be thrown to the wayside now? For example, do I have to talk to someone else about getting Stuarts in the French flags again or was that just a clerical error?
  10. There's a good chance they didn't even read them. There were a lot of good ideas thrown around too.
  11. I was one of the biggest supporters of the move away from Inf-Placed FRUs when the move was first announced. But today I strongly disagree. There's more frustration now by at least an order of magnitude as a consequence of the truck-based FMS and FRU. Nowadays, you either cap a town because the defenders are asleep, or because you have overpop in TZ3. People like to talk about supply and attrition and all that, but you can't experience attrition when battles cannot organically sustain themselves for any considerable length of time because of the difficulty of using trucks to deploy spawns in a hot, active area. The game was more fun when we had more Inf-Placed FRUs. Unfortunately, they were too available and too useful for their own good. If anything, this HC-only Inf FRU unit needs to be available to all premium subscribers and not just HC.
  12. What's the harm in doing it to a formerly inactive town that JUST becomes backline after losing a frontline town? I tried doing it to a newly activated rearline town and we still had the 15 hour timers. We also don't get the warning for newly activated backline towns in the same way that we get them for newly captured towns.
  13. It's interesting that old CRS thought it best to not allow brand new players to make their own missions. For those who don't remember, before the rank overhaul there were various priorities of missions (1 through 3), and you needed to be a Lieutenant just to make a P3 mission. I guess a complicated mission system doesn't matter when it was designed for vets only.
  14. @BMBM You following this thread? Seems like a few issues have already been spotted.
  15. I think it's also a pretty serious issue that the Allies can only receive their town ownership grace period when they successfully capture a town. In a situation where the Allies are on their heels, unable to cap a town, and reforming their line (i.e. potentially the most useful time to change ownership), they will never receive a grace period. The Allies should also have that grace period available when they are losing towns too. Any time a garrison is newly activated the Allies should have that grace period.
  16. @OHM @XOOM Any thoughts?
  17. For the garrisons they are. I haven't seen a flag up there yet though but I would assume it's the same for flags as well.
  18. @SCKING I know the garrisons have kinda funky names right now, but I was wondering if there's a consistent pattern across all shortcodes. For example, it seems you differentiate the countries with a number. Is there a pattern involved? Is 0 always German, 1 always British, 2 always French, and 3 always American? Or is there anything else like that? Is there a consistent method to the madness?
  19. Alright then, I must have been mistaken. Thanks.
  20. That's weird. This seems to suggest that every town garrison has the same shortcode regardless of country of occupation. That's not what I was noticing at all (although I was being bombarded with PMs and chat on side/ops last night so it's possible I missed something). I remember changing a town's ownership (Rocroi?) from French to British and the unit shortcode for the garrison had changed.
  21. @SNIPER62 Another question for you buddy (sorry if this has been answered) but what's gonna happen with the webmap and 1.36?
  22. Oh right, and per the actual point of the thread, I too wouldn't mind a reduction in armor supply. I don't think we need any more inf though. The garrison sizes seem to be working well.
  23. I've been knocked out at 1200m with a Matty from a StuGb heat round during "The March of the Matildas" in Orval. Must have landed right on the deck near the sap spot in both mine and goreblimey's cases.
  24. Good to know! Thx.
  25. I forgot to look for this last night.