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  1. When players despawn after taking a town, the Persona screen will occasionally say that the overpop side is underpop and vice versa.
  2. Oh excellent. Good to know. Thanks!
  3. Yeah this is more what blkfalcon meant.
  4. @DOC did something about this when he was Game Manager. Tier progression was not fixed based on number of days, it was based on how quickly the map was moving in one direction. Faster maps meant quicker tiers, which meant more access to late tier toys. Longer/slower maps would stick to the 10 days per tier or whatever it was back then. Is there any way you could take a more active part in this @OHM?
  5. Bump. What's the deal then?
  6. CRS has to be willing to think beyond that phase. The way I see it, if you lower the price too little then it won't really have an impact on player growth. For example, just as many people won't pay $17/mo as won't pay $18/mo. You'll probably lose revenue with a tiny cut like that. BUT if you lower the price to a point where we get a nice influx of players, that will make the gameplay better. Better gameplay also equals more subscriptions and more players. It's a 2-for-1. I had a hard time getting a few friends of mine to pay 8 bucks for a 1-time purchase game. I can't even bring WWIIOL up to them because of the sticker shock. The only reason I'm paying a sub is because of my love of the game, not because I think it's worth the price. If you surprise announced a subscription price cut alongside the release of 1.36, I think that would be your best chance. Not just a WBS, but an actual drop in rates across the board. WBS just alienates new players from vets, and the game needs new players if we want it to survive long-term.
  7. Have you thought about lowering the subscription price to bring in more players? Pretty sure that is the OPs main point.
  8. Hmmm. It’s very easy for an experienced spy. Just look at the HC online and which brigades they are a part of, or look at the missions on the Active Battles tab. Anyone with half a brain can figure out the next attack with all the clues that are available when spying. That being said, I only know of two spies being caught since 2002. They aren’t anywhere near the problem that some think they are.
  9. I know when I play Arma, their topographic map guides my every footstep. I'd get all giddy if WWIIOL had one.
  10. After playing around with the HC Officer FRUs (i.e. infantry-placed FRUs with increased durability that can only spawn bolt-action riflemen), I am thoroughly convinced that the infantry-placed FRU needs to make a comeback in a much bigger and more impactful form than it currently has. My proposal for a Light Infantry FRU is as follows: 1) Remove the HC Officer class (I don't like stratification, especially along HC/non-HC lines). 2) Replace with the Mission Leader class (exact same load out and function) that is available to all premium subscribers (and maybe in DLC form). 3) Increase supply from 10 to 15 units per flag, depending on DLC amounts. 4) This FRU has the same durability as the old Inf-Placed FRU (takes 1 grenade to destroy). 5) Restrict unit spawning to Light Infantry: Riflemen (including Semi-Autos), SMGs, and LMGs*. 6) Do NOT include specialist/heavy* infantry units (snipers, grenadiers, mortars, engineers, sappers, RPATs, Mission Leaders); these should remain FMS spawnable-only. Merits: 1) It offers a secondary option to the noisy, large, truck-placed FMS. 2) It removes the AT element that was so unpopular among tankers with the old FRUs. 3) Once a defense is "out in the fields", their presence makes the deployment of a truck-based FMS difficult. The Light Infantry FRU allows for an AO to be sustained beyond this phase. 4) It provides more firepower than the HC-placed FRU we have now. 5) Tanks will still be vulnerable to the more obvious FMS-spawned heavy infantry. 6) It allows the Underpop Side a better chance at setting up attacks than otherwise possible with the truck-placed FMS. 7) It means the Mission Leader unit itself must be kept alive in order to reset the FRU (instead of any surviving infantry regardless of class, thus allowing defenders to "kill the mole"). New Mission Leader units may not spawn at the Light Infantry FRU. *In regards to the LMG, some might argue that the LMG is a "heavy weapon", while others might argue that it is an essential element of light infantry units. The choice is yours to make in the poll.
  11. That's not even funny. That's sad.
  12. Thanks for the explanation @Merlin51! This is precisely why I asked if Merlin had MOIC experience.
  13. *Tins* not tons lol. How old are you aismov, if you don't mind my asking?
  14. It's funny. We always knew the Pak36 was upgunned intentionally as a "balance" mechanism. What's even more funny is that when CRS did the audit for the Pak36, they found it to be UNDER performing, and had its penetration capabilities IMPROVED lol. Can't remember where I saw the post, but it's floating around. Not more than 10 days old iirc.
  15. I’m not sure I follow how the divvying up of these towns is done. Iirc, the Mechelen CP is south of the east road that comes into Brussels from Leuven. That road seems to be your dividing line between NE and SE. Is there anything holding you back from putting the Mechelen CP as part of Brussels NE, without moving the CP buildings? Or is there some kind of proximity requirement in the code? If you are just putting CPs in control of the nearest AB when you don’t have to, I’d MUCH rather you put the Waterloo CP under the control of Brux SE and the Mechelen CP under control of Brux NE. EDIT: Just looked at Brussels on the map. I see the Waterloo CP is right next to the SW AB lol. I see now that it has to move if I want my wishes to come true. Think of it this way. If you drew an imaginary line across the map that cut Brussels into eastern and western halves, any connecting TOWN that is east of that dividing line should have their link in Brussels NE or Brussels SE (and vice versa). There are four towns east of that dividing line (Mechelen, Leuven, Wavre, and Waterloo) and three towns west of it (Dendermond, Aalst, and Halle). Do you have MOIC experience Merlin?
  16. Yes, the lists needed to be changed to balance out that discrepancy (which as I've said before, AHC knew about for years). But the SMG gaffe was just that: a gaffe. And it's still lingering in T0 where we only have 40ish SMGs per flag. I personally believe that number should START at around 60 in T0 and maybe reach 75 by T2, maybe 90 by T3.
  17. There is no jump button or vaulting button. Infantry stay grounded for the most part, but there are certain buildings that can be "climbed" once they are in their destroyed state.
  18. The Links in Brussels are still awful @Merlin51. And please don't give me a spiel justifying why everything is perfect as is. If you want to move from Mechelen (NE of Brux) to Leuven (E of Brux), you need to move from Mechelen to Brux SE (wtf), then Brux NE, then Leuven. Even though Waterloo is on the SE side, it's link CP is on the SW side of Brux. All those weird little discrepancies make for some very awkward flag placement and fallbacks as one side pushes through Brussels and the surrounding area. It's a huge headache.
  19. I think this would make everyone happy and I've always supported it. Unfortunately it will take some coding.
  20. The only explanation I can think of would be that CRS heard complaints about a lack of infantry action (aka action in general) and thought that meant players wanted more infantry-focused battles? Hence the differentiation of brigades. Maybe when they were working along those lines, that line got muddied up with the "let's make the game more historical" drive, which meant not only armor differentiation but automatic weapons differentiation, since the Germans historically used more automatic weapons with their infantry early in the war. And then they also said they wanted to test how they would build the lists for 1.36.
  21. The low amount of SMGs isn't making folks happy, either.
  22. I've yet to see 3 AOs since I started playing again regularly about a month ago. How the heck are you seeing 3 AOs outside of US prime?
  23. A rare case where I am in 100% agreement with david06.
  24. I sent a couple PMs out to Axis tankers that unsubbed in an effort to bring them back by telling them this. No one has read them yet though