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  1. Game wouldn't launch.. rebooted and no change. Reinstalled the game.. Same issue. It won't log in. Gives a long report of the error. Any thing floating around?
  2. Will each town have a limited supply that’s tied to flags? Or to the town itself. A town with limited supplies garrisoned could repel a small invasion. Or maybe launch a small attack.. And could these be launched via the player base ?
  3. Requires me to download the game in its entirety.................. Im Soooooooooooo going to build a new PC in a few months....
  4. Ive ONLY seen this in Antwerp..
  5. Keep the AI as it is..... Learn to look at AI placements and approach accordingly.....
  6. How would I change the location section under my name? I'm getting old and for the life of me cant remember how lol
  7. Creative labs had the biggest vista issues.. Go to the site and see if you have any new vista drivers avail.
  8. I know a few others with this same issue... Anyone found a fix yet?
  9. On Vista... Start-Programs-Cornered Rat software- Play online- Right click Choose run as ADMIN.. . I'm at work with XP but from what I remember thats how you get that patch to install and play.
  10. AMB thats the fix.. so far that is.. The patch is DLing now.. will report end result. Patch loaded and game loaded.. on both PC's woot lol
  11. I have 2 comps here with vista and both dead when it comes to that patch.. Even tried a full install and once it tries to patch.. it dies.
  12. Able to play after the last patch? or even D/L the patch?
  13. Staf I would say call me but since the last patch both my vista pc's are dead in the water.