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  1. I can't email you ice, but I am good to go. Got my map printed and studied, but I may only be able to attend the 29th practice. Man I am getting so anxious.
  2. Anyone wishing to crew with me on the almighty nevada, go ahead. :0
  3. Thanks, and, your links don't work.
  4. Also, what time in U.S. Central time will this be?
  5. After 45 minutes are up i'm so lighting my boilers and getting my *** out of there! Hah, i'm glad i'm the nevada now
  6. ahha! I will have the arizona and the vestal trapped, but I will be trapped to But I will laugh when the arizona behind me is hit by a large bomb and cry when I get hit by 4 large bombs seconds after.
  7. damn, I wanted Arizona. Give me USS Nevada then. I think it would be lovely to have D-Day scenario.... until we see submarines...
  8. Oh and.... Axis are on east side but there town is on west side? Allieds on West side and their town on east side? I dun't get it.
  9. hey jammy, put me up for allied inf... British in particular
  10. it sounds possible if each side is closely watched and does what said to do.... Sounds fun. but if not, then i say armor is enxt.
  11. Heh, i have a lot more occurences in that Realism Event AND the live server. I'd love to share them some time I'll tell you more later, but some dude in a DAC came flying into Folkestone AB and landed on the guy next to me, though, i was in a IV G and he flipped upsight down, so I landed an HE round right in him and eh exploded. I don't remember if who it was, but I heard him yell, 'BANNZAAAAAI!!' before he came charging in. If that was you, please step up.
  12. I'd like to know who sank a TT coming from bologne or something, there was a FMB guarding our TT too. Out TT was listing heavyily, and I ran into cargo hold to be protected from fire, but the ship was listing at a high angle so the stairs out of the hold went straight up, thus making it impossible for me to get out I went down with the ship.
  13. ok, so, will we be able to switch sides? because i'd definately like to be a brit LMG beach defender, then switch to Axis Para P.S. jammyman, did you get this idea from my little D-Day scenario idea, only u chose England?
  14. If Axis vs. Allied ratio doesnt even up in quitting. 34 190's + 109'S vs. 16 SPITFIRES... THATS FCKED UP!
  15. Oh good god!!! Axis have twice as much as allieds, if this doesnt even out I might as well just forget about it.. Oh and Jammy, do you choose realism events or does CRS? Becuase I had a suggestion for next realism event.