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  1. In my opinion, Yes. Bunker should be the hardest to cap and if defended requires essentially a clearing of the building to initiate a cap vs. clearing the entry room and waiting for defenders to come to the entry room. Same thing once the bunker is cleared and cap started. The defenders have to clear the bunker then the cap room if the attackers are defending. I think it provides more ZOC type play for the bunker area requiring more tact and strategy. Also think it reduces ninja type caps as the single capper cannot simply control the entryway while capping. Allows both defenders and capper to mass up in a controlled room to go after the cap room. Think it could be also changed so that the vehicle spawn does not open up to the bunker entry in all towns so defending units have to risk coming out in the open to cover the door like attacking units do and be subjected to the more risk.
  2. Just above it and within the circle and yes I zoom in most of the time unless I am dodging ea and need to hotdrop with zero set up. Still seems to work fairly well either way for me. Target will be to the left of the vertical line on the bottom of the reticle first drop and right the second. If I was pressed to give measurements, I would say about 1/16th of an inch above the reticle and 1/8th of an inch left or right. I used to have a hard time remembering which bomb dropped first by the time the IIc made its way in, but a squaddie simply stated it is just like reading a book....left to right. *duh* Now I don't forget. The closer the better, but again it works with pretty good results dropping from a little alt ...for me at least. I see a lot of pilots drop much closer than I do and cannot pull out before taking shrapnel from the explosion and that just takes practice. I rarely every hurt myself with shrapnel, but it does happen in the heat of battle. I am by far not an expert on bombing, so keep in mind just stating what works for me. Your typical dive angle may necessitate an adjustment on your end, but I think it will yield decent results in general as it does for me.
  3. I have had the most luck dropping just slightly before the lower reticle and slightly to left or right depending on which bomb. Slight left for 1st and slight right for 2nd. It is more accurate the steeper of the angle, but many times I do not have time, alt and speed to line up the angle so I use the point above in general and can usually hit my intended target within a few meters. Since heavier tanks have to be essentially hit directly and on the rear for best results, I have nowhere near a huge success rate. Only have had 2-3 times where I have hit and exploded 2 tanks in one flight, but I come pretty close just about every drop. It works very well for soft targets though and at higher drop alts to avoid getting close to aaa trying to shoot you as your dropping on them.