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  1. 19RAF, all the tea and cake you can eat.
  2. Great vids! My event consisted of waiting around the dispershal hut, playing chess, cricket, and talking to the chaps about what we will do after the war and the like...only to be rudely interputed by a bell and someone yelling "two sections scramble!" After a long hard climb we saw a few high 109s, and as they came down we took evasive action and then...CTHL I couldn't make the second run, so can we do it again soon!!
  3. Sign me up for a Spitfire please. Also, can you please put Mjdixon down for a spitfire. He is currently watching planes tootle about the sky at the Duxford airshow, all on 19 squadron expense I might add, so he can't sign up himself atm.
  4. I had this problem after the last patch. I had to uninstall the game, then do a fresh install using the latest full game download. That did the trick for me.
  5. Jammy, my post was not intended to be a complaint in any way. As Mjdixon said, we all knew what the deal was when we signed up. It was a realism event and the odds should be stacked exactly as they were in RL otherwise it is just an 'event'. My lack of prowess in a bofors is just my problem. I think I close my eyes when I pull the trigger. Bring on the Battle of Britain convoy event!
  6. LOL, glad I wasn't the only one who had bofors issues! It was a great event, and I was glad to be a part (however small!) of it.
  7. I just managed to take off from Vliss, and while I congratulated myself for clearing the treetops, I was hit by a zero (hot74rod) then crashed into the treetops anyway. I spent the rest of the event trying to swat stukas with a bofors and missed everything!...such is life
  8. "I say, where can I fly spitfires?" Join today.
  9. Understood
  10. Please sign me up for a H-81, if there are any left.
  11. A bump from our sponsors.
  12. Equal opportunities squadron...don't be shy join today http://19squadron.darkbb.com/recruitment-f6/
  13. Spitfire 1a flight 1 kill 110 - Steelydan 4 hits - 1 109-e4, 1 He111, 2 110 rtb, no damage, good fun had!
  14. Spitfire pretty plz. If we're forming threesomes (so to speak), then attach me to Dojo and MJs flight, or there might be tantrums and breath holding.