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  1. Has anyone ever had a game crash when strafing a panzer via hurri 2c? or even the bell?
  2. Well that was a waste of time preparing. My Spit sunk into the AF field and bent the props. All of this while I was marking the tgts on map. Pretty lame, these guys need to do a new version for the bugs. 1.30.1a or something.
  3. the servers are locked down ... seems like its starting up now. will it open up again once started?
  4. is it too late? ... allied pilot pos?
  5. Hi, I as wanted to post this only in the Mac forums. Hoping it would be more efficient. My squadies told me how they would modify the flap settings in BE. They did this by adding some lines of code to allow them incremental flaps instead of the take off and landing flaps. Combat flaps to deploy during dives ... etc. I was told the code is universal to a degree and that it should work on the OS X. I just can't seem to find the files to modify or would guess it could be. Where is the file and what app would modify it?
  6. I'll try that and check out the difference. There has been a few strangeness with transfer of my Adobe CS apps.
  7. Been crashing the game under intense combat. Either in the air or ground, when there are too many persons in the town with everything shooting; it freezes up and quits.
  8. I just got a new MacPro 2.8 Quad with a Nvida 512 card. Currently it only has 2Gb of Ram. I transfered all the stuff from my old MacBook Pro via the firewire transfer. Seems to work fine with all my other apps, but now the WWiionline crashes a lot. I've increased the video setting to "balanced" ... its nice to see the tracer smoking. On the "high quality" setting I can see through all the buildings. What's going on with the settings or performance?
  9. I've been getting crashed during high lag situations. And this will be when I'm shooting ground targets from a plane. After doing a large burst against a tank it freezes then crashes out to desktop. Before in the last version only Huri IIb canon against Tigers was causing problems.
  10. I have noticed a difference while flying. The engine sounds are not random distance ... the Doppler effect makes sense. But the ground is still weird rifles, but I'm getting use to it, lol.
  11. is the audio still all screwed up?
  12. I have noticed the fps performance penalty with the Leopard. Seems though I'll always be lagging in the game. You guys know if Playnet will allow me to put my account on hold while all this work is being done? I don't want to pay for something I can't play anymore. But would like to come back with all the points I've made with the 8 months+ I've been paying. Or even the points I didn't score with the last bug, LOL.
  13. I haven't tried bootcamp version yet. This is also my main work mac, which isn't the best place to have a game like WWiionline. But I don't really have enough space on the MBP to put in bootcamp and the Windows OS. How much longer you got til the new patch? The sounds of the rifles next to me is sort of freaking me out... my guys keeps on turn around on the battlefield. He's got PTS!lol Thanks