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  1. I’ll chime in here, suffice it to say I only skimmed over most of this thread. 1) Tier progression will absolutely need to be adjusted and slowed - which is tricky, because you always weigh the risk of making it too slow. Increasing the total number of tiers and creating micro tiers is definitely a plausible solution. 2) Proximity AOs will help, for sure, but what may really be useful is the addition of an additional AO type during good and healthy population times that allows for rear-line capture and then maybe a tiny bit of supply added to the town in the event it is captured. All kinds of things you could do here. The only way this works is with a well coordinated effort by the attackers. So how far is rear line? I’d say one town back. anyway. Just my two cents. I’ve been gone awhile (Hi Guys!) and I’m not up to snuff on all the new happenings and changes just yet. Unrelated - How come the forums have have a valid SSL cert but I seem to be getting pointed to the non-ssl url.
  2. Hey stanky, have you submitted a ticket on http://support.playnet.com
  3. If you're not running the latest MacOS 12 (Sierra). You may encounter an error upon game launch when it attempts to auto download the latest patch. To rectify, all you should need to do is download manually using the link below. Once you've installed the latest version you should be able to login to the game just fine. http://downloads.wwiionline.com/World_War_II_Online_1.35.8.0.dmg
  4. Long story short, we went to put the patch out, and identified an issue last minute that would have prevented users from being able to download it. The issue itself was related to playgate and not the game client. The development team already has a come up with a fix and it's now back in alpha testing. Up until yesterday we would of never caught this kind of thing until patch time, matter of fact we didn't even have a way to test for something like this prior to all that collocation work last month! Now, as a result of the shenanigans from yesterday, and because we have additional hardware capabilities after last months collocation work, we've altered our testing environment and procedures for the future so that we're in a better position to test the entire deployment from soup to nuts internally before we deploy for all of you. This will let us catch those little things that have been slipping through the cracks with patches and such. We want the patch process to be as simple and painless as possible. You shouldn't have to go and re-download the full game and do a full install each time a patch is released. So that entire process is something we're planning to put through heavy QA going forward. Some serious kudos to @FRISBONE for setting up the new testing capabilities for the Quality Assurance team going forward.
  5. Moving this thread to the discord support forum.
  6. @jaymako Check out this thread below and see if it fixes your issue. http://forums.wwiionline.com/forums/topic/402045-game-to-large-for-screen/
  7. Hiya @carbie, Please submit a ticket at http://support.playnet.com
  8. Confirmed. Looks like a windows update that included a new display driver for nvidia cards has caused some issues. At this time , i'd recommend downloading the latest driver from http://www.geforce.com/drivers That should fix you up.
  9. @adam1168 Recommend you try and do a full reinstall. Download is located here http://battlegroundeurope.net/getting-started
  10. Hey @brady , is it possible you're hitting your free look key {default is N} at the same time you're using the POV hat? Have you tried remapping your POV hat views in your keymapper views? Perhaps their is some overlap with what the stick sees as buttons.
  11. That's correct. We're in intermission until Friday.
  12. @mpathy42 Could you provide a screenshot for reference please?
  13. @stinger1 Are you still having issues?
  14. You may still able to solve your issue by adjusting your mouse sensitivity on a single axis, for instance your X axis.
  15. @Di11on So I have an idea that might solve your issue - it's an older method , and I'm not 100% certain it's still functional. To start , I'll need to see a the contents of your global.calib file. This is located in your My Documents/Battleground Europe/cfml folder. You can open the global.calib file by holding down shift and right clicking on the file. Choose 'open with' then notepad from the list provided. Then copy and paste the contents of it in this thread and I'll take a peak. I think, we can set your individual X / Y mouse sensitivity by editing some values in that file. If you don't have the file, don't worry. It just means that the game is using the standard default values.