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  1. I have come across a similar error, when I try to run settings.exe I get 3 dll errors MSVCP140.dll mfc140u.dll VCRUNTIME140.dll Have reinstalled multiple times, followed the link here etc etc. will continue to try and get it working and post my results
  2. Gotta catch em all
  3. What year did you start playing? - April 2002 if I remember correctly When was the last time you played? - Today! What squad were you in? - Very first squad was TOG (The Old Guard), then I believe I was a member of the 91st before joining the ranks of the DDz (The Dirty Dozenz), since then I formed the Australian and New Zealand Axis squad which grew really fast and did some good things in the first 6 months but unfortunately members left the game or moved on and now its just me What side did you primarily play on? - I've always been mainly Axis, and used to shoot over the the Allies during intermissions and what not, or load up my Allied account and play that during campaigns which was rare. Love the game, and the people that make it what it is, so many memories that it's hard to think of one that stands out... but probably the countless times that Katonka threw me off the back of an opel to my death
  4. I think I'm a bit too late
  5. Where is Mookes when you need him?
  6. I thought the game was called DDz online - Loonies Battleground with Opel crash Katonka.. When you're DDZ, you're DDZ.. 4 Life
  7. Greetings everyone! Im definatly what one would call an LTAP and would love some training with the 109 and A2A combat. I have rudder pedals thanks to my G27 wheel and ofcourse, access to teamspeak. Im most active during the Australian Time Zone 1800 to around 2200 Australian Eastern Time (roughly 0300 - 0700 Central US) pretty much every day including weekends. My trouble areas are ACM's, Gunnery and pretty much positioning to make an attack. Any assistance would be excelent! Thanks in advance *salute*
  8. After a crash / CTD, restart the game then after its just connected (while loading) alt F4 then reload. for some reason, after a crash / CTD, the game needs 2 restarts to work properly.