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  1. As far as i know Steam has been attempted but refused for some reason. No doubt in my mind that they aren't trying but it's all down to the big issue which is money.
  2. I'm not 100% but i would guess that if this new headset/mic had it's own drivers it has an option to record what you're hearing, so maybe it's sending that out when you try to speak. Like i say that's just a guess
  3. 1.31 increased minimum specs by quite alot, your CPU is at the minimum i think. you haven't mentioned your graphics card. But this link explains what you definately need for 1.31 and what is recommended.
  4. Normal maps, specular, water effects off, not going to increase performance any other way really. Shadows on low still keeps persitant tree shadows. Reduce vis limit to low.
  5. I'm wondering this also, with medium-large towns nearby i can get huge loading chunking upon spawning when i begin to rotate. It can also happen when i look in the direction of said town a 1-3 second pause isn't uncommon when i experience this. (PC amd 64 6000+ (dual core) 8800 GTS)
  6. 3rd person is only available in the new client (offline) i think, cntrl X switches to external camera. This might work for offline 1.30 but i haven't checked.
  7. Post your system specs: GFX card, CPU speed/make, and RAM count. Update graphic drivers.
  8. There is much more to Bravo Two Zero than just 'bump' we also have blackjack and hookers. Come join in the fun, join BTZ today and you'll receive these great prizes: A PEN A PENCIL A RULER None Of The Above
  9. It's a possibility, my isp does the same but i only see crazy things like people flying round sometimes. Turn on netcode 2 and check your ping, for a UK player something in the region of 100-200 would be normal.
  10. Many ISPs that provide an unlimited download service, put in place a 'fair usage policy' after a certain amount of traffic from that user. So it is possible that they are iunterrupting your service because of the complete set of *insert appropriate insult here* they are.
  11. Downloaded and works, thanks Jammy. Was good fun S! BTZ
  12. Some people have had this, try NOT run as admin for TS. if that doesn't work have a read through that thread.
  13. i dont think there is even a 1.30.3 patch coming :S, how long this not been working for?