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  1. Windows 10 Nvidia updated to latest drivers Cat5 cabled SSD drive 16gb ram should be good enough, cant say im happy after having re subscribed and cant play yet.. any news
  2. will you mail out when the patch is done to fix the error or is it a case of keep trying and see if the game patches itself ? nice Flong it feels like an age ago in Airwarrior top game though that was
  3. it crashes to desktop before persona, it is around the loading maps and vehicles stage
  4. this is too funny I too downloaded WW2 online today after many years away, was one of the originals and was in Airwarrior ( WidowMakers ) . Thought id give it a go again but there are issues getting the game to load bug in hand so am now waiting on the fix not the best start but hey been here before
  5. I Really really really cannot believe I am still PAYING !!! for this game after so many fook ups .. And before anyone even tries to give me a hard time, check out how long ive played this once great game.. So everyone is asleep huh, If I ran my IT like this i would be fired in 2 shakes of a short rope !! Either get this game stable or im outta here ( i will even settle for being able to log ON ) stu an annoyed long time subscriber, please take note guys, not sure ive ever really complained before but when you have had enough then, is time to listen hey !
  6. Positive news Played for an hour or so tonight, didnt getpacket loss error 20033 once So either the boys have tweaked something on the game or my ISP provider listened to my rant re packet loss !! Either way i had fun playing cheers fellas Stu