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  1. sorry if this is a repost. Ive downloaded the new patch via the playnet updater thing, trying to install it but im getting the following: The installer just dissapears when i click ok Tried to re-install and same thing, any 1 else?
  2. OS : Windows 7 CPU : Q6600 GFX : 8800GTX sli RAM : 4gb DDR2 1800mhz PSU : 750W thermaltake
  3. my pc just crashed after downloading from the really slow crs server 3 minutes before it ended, it was downloading for 2 hours, i was on ie, is there any way to get it back to where it was or any 1 got a link thats fast seeing as i have a 50mb connection to be used....
  4. yea nvm i just died ^-^, confirmed, but yea not possible in 1.31 for obvious reasons
  5. cant replicate on windows 7 offline, unless im doing somit wrong.
  6. so would you if you just got shot in all seriousness i dont know and im stuck at work for the next 4 hours :'(
  7. agreed, yesterday i flew a p38 from seclin over to buz, had a fight and rtbed to betrix with a mission reserve, mission was no longer valid, bye bye p38.