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  1. while i agree with trying before you buy... the game is a bit difficult to get great at instantly. Best advice is listen, watch and dont be afraid to ask anyone any questions. and above all never give up on something you want to do well at. and with this game there are dozens of skills one can try to master!
  2. took me ten minutes to download the full install. and it is what I did when I resubbed yesterday having seen the posts about the full install being the best bet. So.... back to square one
  3. But Im about one CTHL away from saying the game is unplayable! I have constant freeze ups and lost connections that either reconnect and allow me to keep playing ( sans any kind of chat whatsoever) or just out right disconnect me Is there any kind of crash log or anything I can send you to help try to squash this? I just resubbed yesterday and Ive only shot down like 3 EA and PIAT'd one panzer 3F of course I killed a few gerry'shere and there with trusty old Enfield but Im growing desperate help me cornered rat's....your my only hope.. * end hologram* P.S this is my first EVER real problem. First ever support thread too..
  4. I bought this one and another $50 dollar card from a local convenience store. They are MasterCard Vanilla if that helps anyone. I was really suprised it didnt work I double then triple checked the info I put down. do I need to space the numbers on the credit card ?
  5. I am puzzled as to why Mastercard prepaid credit card ( gift cards) are not accepted. I usually use my paypal but the last few times I had other payments come out of my bank account ( I do not posess an actual credit card) I was NSF'D Because of lack of the proper amount. I went and spent moey on a prepaid card to make sure this dosnt happen again and you guys dont accept them? What gives. - a guy who just wants to give you money.
  6. just sign me up.
  7. I know there are some folks unhappy about the USA and new weapons being just a tease from the BHB event. So I suggest there be several special events run bi-weekly to keep those folks happy and try to reign in others. Counterattack Normandy! - Platoon sized infantry and light mechanized combat scenario - Select a small town with plenty of surrounding cover. - two full sized platoons for each side would be ideal but a twist could be thrown in as defenders numbers could be made less in exchange for position and several RPATs. Axis forces - 2 Sdkfz. 251 half tracks ( one for each gruppe lets say 12 soldiers per APC) Realistically portrayed squad weapons loadout simulating panzer grenadiers ( g43's included) Must attack the town in force and clear and hold a specific target USA forces - 1 RPAT soldier for each halftrack enemy team is sporting. Realistic USA rifle platoon weapons loadout ( minus the .30 cal mg I knowww) several thompsons a couple snipers a few BAR men and a heck of alot of Garand or springfield riflemen. repulse the Panzergrenadier attack and hold the main objective for x time ( until cavalry arrives) Any ideaS? I imagine the amount of interested people would see this grow to company sized event on both sides.. but lets see if anyone bites.
  8. Since the thread is closed and I wont know when it will reopen I want to make sure I get a spot in the event. I would like to give the stuka a fly. I will need some practise before so the delay is ok thanks
  9. I say let them clear 1.35 before doing this, as I would hate to see their schedule upto this point be erased. But I support this motion.
  10. dying? what game are you playing..
  11. I appologize for 333rd's lack of show at first match, and aswell I am throwing in our towel for all remaining. 333rd is simply too inactive right now to put up any kind of a fight and as much as I hate to say it I may be looking for a new squad myself soon. Sorry for any inconvenience because of this. I tried to organize anybody I could to take part but we simply dont have the players. Best of luck to all else.
  12. I agree with you. Well said. You should start some protest and let everyone else know what the score is. Sounds like bull****. Governments need heads from ***.
  13. There are a few things you can do/checdk before joining any mission to make sure you have yourself in line for the best experience. If you are spending too much time walking around then you need to select missions with the little truck next to them inthe brigade screen. Now there are all kinds of screens to go through before actually joining a battle but you really only need to know a few things to get going. You must be certain of a battle being an attack or defense. ( red and green) and also know how to look at missions and judge which has high population. You must be sure that if its an attack that you select a mission with a mobile spawn point. You have to know the best places in a town/city to defend ( thats where alot of early game kills are at. Most of all you need to join a squad that can help you and lead you along to get the mosto ut of the game. Aswell get on teamspeak if you dont have a microphone then grab one for 10 bucks.