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  1. ATEAM is an allied squad that was formed in 2012. We are 90% infantry and 10% as far as our battlefield presence. We have 25 active members and are constantly trying to recruit new members. 90% of our long term members use discord and we are well represented in Allied High Command. We need players that will make a longer term commitment to use discord and support the Allied Armies. We do not have a website or a dedicated squad night but we are most active in TZ 2. I guess our logo is the original red ATEAM logo from the TV show. Some of us use that for a discord avatar.
  2. AWARDS FIR THE FIRST WEEK OF CAMPAIGN 164! Unit citations for the week of June, 8 Allied Expeditionary Force 7th Allied Strike Team 12th Royal lancers A-Team Top in kills for the week are: Weejocky Jsilic Top truckers are: (necessary for victory) Aceharts Jimatank Top cappers are: Goreblimey Desai88 The two best rifleman are: (these two soldiers are the best that adhere to, “one shot, one kill”) Maxq Pulfar The soldiers and the 4 squads above are representative of the excellence within the Allied Force Submitted by Colsmith , Chief of Staff
  3. JT0037 defended EAB in Arraines fighting off all attackers. Therefore, JT0037 has been issued the Last Man Standing award for his efforts on June the second. This award recognizes Allied soldiers who in tough times refuse to give up and fight on against long odds! COLSMITH Chief of Staff, Allied forces
  4. I will get the word out!
  5. post number nine of mine in 14 years (so this discord thing sucks and had pissed me off, i really am not a forum troll))....I researched some of the notes about Discord on the internet and I can find few advantages (and many problems) of their program. I did get it working after working a total of two and a half hours in three shifts. The app refused to open up, and I had to open it in my browser. Because of this, I tried repeatedly to download and complete the set-up, I have about three user names under different e-mail accounts due to these downloading problems. Finally, after closing the program in my tray on the lower right hand side of my computer and performing a re-start, it seems to work. My computer using skills are average and I am sure Discord problems will plague our player base for a long while. After researching some of the pros and cons, I believe teamspeak may be the better option for many of the current subscribers. I have researched some free teamspeak servers on older games that are not played much and there are many teamspeak slots that can be utilized at present with a SIMPLE url change and password. This may be the only option if other people continue to have problems with Discord (the name really makes sense).
  6. I don't post often, but after messing around trying to get this DISCORD program connected, which my computer (a six month old ASUS gaming computer) keeps putting up an error message and a dumb arse error log, this program looks like a difficult to use POS compared to teamspeak. I'm not to thrilled at the moment. Looks like a lot of us will be searching out some free teamspeak channels.
  7. Dave and Busters is pretty loud and crazy (at least the two Dallas locations I have visited).......Pappas restaurants, which own Pappasitos and Pappaduex restaurants in Texas have multiple Dallas locations.....Pappaduex restaurants have meeting rooms which are built into most, if not all locations.....Pappasitos are extremely large Mexican Restaurants with ample seating....Maybe Gas Monkey Bar and Grill (if loud and crazy places are okay)
  8. I am still having difficulties. No sound. I have downloaded the patch and direct x 4 times. I have tried to download the end runtime installer from Microsoft and it will not load properly. It says internal error and says to check my DirectX.log and DXError.log, I then checked the DirectX log (It was easy to find). The log just has a lot of code which made little sense to me. One technical forum I researched said that these end runtime downloads are hit or miss. It sounds like downloading problems can be difficult to get sorted. I also updated my drivers. My computer is a Dell Studio XPS 8100 with a 3.2 Ghz Intel Core i5 CPU. Please advise on potential fixes.
  9. still messed up....7:45 CST
  10. obama ain't bailing out CRS in Bedford Texas. There are few if any Obama supporters in that neighborhood.....