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  1. ... in this forum.
  2. On the login Window, two requests, firstly could we have a "date" on the "Latest News From The Official WebSite" it would be nice. And any chance of bringing back the "Remember Password" option. Cheers
  3. Just resubed after an 8 month absence and oh boy do I remember why I quit in the first place !!!! Cant get the damn game to work, tried ALL the suggestions and still no luck, am trying to download the full game again, from the main page getting started section and it times out anywhere between 10% and 90%, have sat here all afternoon and must have tried 30+ times. Come on CRS, people are paying good money for this game and were getting a crock of crap !! Thank god I only resubed for 1 month.
  4. OK found them, look in Program Files/CRS/Battlefield Europe then click the compatibility button on the bar above. Why they don't show up in a search I don't know. Oh and Duncarin, if you troll these help forums why not provide help rather than sarcastic comments that I noticed you always do - arse. __________________
  5. Running Vista 32bit with an nvidia 8800gt. Have done a fresh complete install and can't take/find my sceen shots. Have not re-assigned F9 and in keymapper it still says F9 is screen shot key. When in game and I press F9 I get the momentary pause which would indicate that the screen shot is being taken but I can't find the files anywhere on my PC. Have looked in all the obvious places and done a search on sshot*.bmp but with no joy. Is this a Vista issue ?
  6. My parents took me there when I was but a child and I had fun, I took myself there a few years ago when I was a grown man and I cried. A truely awe inspiring place to go. The Menin Gate, Tyne Cott Cemetary, Sanctuary Wood, Hill 60 ...... The British tax payer and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission deserve huge ammount of credit. They do an outstanding job. S!
  7. Just a small point, but a lot of people get upset about it. It's not England it's the UK, or Great Britain as it was then, England is just one of the four countries, Wales, Scotland and Northern Island being the other three, that make up the UK. The question that needs to be asked is "What German forces were really tied down due to the UK being in the war from 1940 to 1944 ?" There was the DAK in Libya, Tunisia etc, various units in Crete and some other Greek islands. I guess most of the troops stationed in France would have remained there as they would have had to do in Italy, Greece and the other Balkan countries. So how many frontline troops would have actually been freed up to fight in the East ? 300,000 maybe 400,000 ? There would have been some heavy Naval units that would not have been sunk or bottled up in port, but would they have had an effect on the Eastern front ? maybe the Kriegsmarine would have been expanded and the planned carries completed, maybe they would have helped stop the flow of supplies reaching Russia from the USA, and maybe the USA's Naval operations against Japan would have been seriously hindered by these units being a threat to the east coast of the USA, thus causing the US to deploy larger and heavier naval units here instead of in the pacific. Also surely the LW would have felt the biggest bonus by freeing up aircraft from western Europe for the attack on Russia. As for German war production, if they managed to achieve so much under the conditions they faced how would they have been able to operate if they were totally unhindered. Many more thousands and hundreds of Panthers and Tigers would have rolled of the production line and headed due East, hell they may even have had time to give them a coat of paint
  8. ... since the name of it was changed. It used to be full of good stuff, now there seems to be hardly anything going on, and while I'm on it, what happened to Brady and his "Name this" I know I never got any but it was fun looking and learning.
  9. All the time ... the exact same thing ... TS is fine and still talking on it but game goes.
  10. Thank you.
  11. Not sure if this is a known problem or just something to do with me, but I'm unable to access my stats, when I try to access them it says they are "Hidden", which btw they are, and that I should log in, I've done that but it still says they are "Hidden" and only accessable by Admin or User (which is me) ... any ideas please ?
  12. Anyone know if CRS give PayPal refunds for incomplete usage ? I have pre paid up untill October and was wondering if I canceled my sub now if I would get a refund ?