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  1. Saw a 5pm set up start time while online today.
  2. Nice post played allied for 15 years, now playing Axis. Both sides have the same rants and same feeling about which side it superior based on equipment. It is a game and I love this game.
  3. Why at USA prime time hours, killin me, patch off hours USA times you think? Thanks
  4. xp, talk to the rats
  5. Spot fracking on my friend. Did everything and got the Saitek driver off my machine and plugged in and everything worked great, thanks post should be made a sticky
  6. Yeah been speaking to Saitek. Thanks for the ideas
  7. The X-56 has a USB connection for both the throttle and the Joystick. In the game controller setting(windows 10) if I unplug the throttle the Joystick shows up in the preferences and is working great, if you plug both to USB at same time Joystick does not shown up in the Text box. Have calibrated using software and both stick and throttle are working
  8. test tab not showing anything
  9. Thanks for the post but nothing seems to be working yet. Calibrated, checked setting, checked right driver, changed USB slots all are on and work. In game key still not see joystick. Damm frustrating
  10. There is a place in heaven for everyone, sorry for the loss. Webco
  11. my old X-52 works just fine or the game see that joystick but not the new one, new X-56 fubar
  12. Joystick not working, have gone to control panel/devices and printer/select stick,...nothing. I have uninstalled all drivers, software, game 2 or 3x and still game not seeing my joystick controller. Any ideas would be appreciated THANKS
  13. Nope in the same boat, they may try for a fix however they have stated it is a very low priority since XP is no longer being supported.
  14. Just bought a pretty new Joystick I can send you a picture of it if you like