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  1. S! Allied It comes with great sadness that we the 22nd have lost Keysie today. She passed away after a month of complications and now can rest. I wanted to share with our community as I know we are all mostly close and long time friends regardless of squads or sides. When never this happens I always like to post a funny moment and I always picked on Keysie during intermissions lolol. I always knew where she would be and surprise her and kill her over and over until she would get on TS and tell me to stop doing that lololol. I always enjoyed her with the 22nd and she did make us better when she was there. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers everyone. S! Casey176
  2. Well looks like this will be a blast!! Cant wait!! If any of you need any help with rides or what not let me know I live in the area so its no prob's for me to shuttle some here and there if needed.
  3. I will be there Dont think I can make the golfing part but it will be fun to talk to DOC "drunk" about flying lololol