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  1. check this out too!
  2. Thanks for the video of my handiwork!
  3. Should be renamed "Tiger Fest" and was horrible. Never do it again.
  4. Thanks for the birthday present/ got to play in Beta! That was fun! Although I still hate that beddy truck! grrrrrrr! I liked playing the game on my birthday! Thanks Again! S!
  5. Come on Rats! Today is my Birthday! Lets get this party started!! I wanna play the game!
  6. Adopted Bedford & Morris trucks. Laffly removed. Damn xoom promised me the beddy would finally be gone.....
  7. I am also having problems/ MAJOR / running ts and ww2ol.... any help out there?
  8. Thanks much for the quick response sgtspoon! Understand completely! Nice pic! Hope you had a great time at the convention! I heard it was great! thanks again! :wink:
  9. The search in PS has not worked for month now for me, anything I can do to fix it or is it permamently staying down? ????