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  1. Well so much for playing tonight!
  2. I am having the same issue. It wont let me put in my password and tries to authenticate before I have a chance to.
  3. I am getting the 10057 error every time I go to login. It wont let me put in my password.
  4. awesome manic!!
  5. has anybody ever told you BLOO that you're beautiful!! Thank you so much!!
  6. I need to download the stinking thing but it is never up except when you are running the server and it takes for freaking ever to do it so please please leave it up for a few days!! Madwolf
  7. bump Check the 333rd British Knights out at Primarily a US based squad though we have a few based out of Europe.
  8. Sorry to hear that about your mom Andrew. You and your family are in my prayers!
  9. I am running an HD2400 with the latest ATI driver and since the latest update I have not had one CTD. Before the patch of 1.30 (latest one) I crashed about every hour so whatever you did you fixed it for me!!
  10. I am going to be purchasing a new joystick and want to know if any of you are using the Saitek X52 system. If so, is it worth it for this game??
  11. Is the 53rd still around??
  12. I played this game way back in the day as a member of the 69th and I know this game requires extreme teamwork. I used to do it all but I am worried that I have been gone so long that I will not remember what to do. I would like to get hooked up with a group so let me know who is recruiting because I would love join up...preferably french ...sorry brit boys but thats where I started!! Madwolf