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  1. its hard to h8 n8. Maybe it was f8.
  2. Im Shannon acquired WWIIol virus 2001 48 y/o in June 2020 married in 2010, father to my 6y/o girl Sydney, born 2014. living in the Toronto Canada Area. <S> Kidd27
  3. Im not sure what would be stopping people from going to a remote part of the map with no AO and test a couple things. Not ideal, but certainly doable.
  4. So, if i hear you correctly... nick is the reason we have the firebug
  5. Xoom hit the nail on the head here. Nailed. most of the forumites have been here a decade or more. The forums became less about new information, and more about the same posts cropping up again and again. We used to be all learning the game at the same time, sharing info for others to utilize and build on. Longtime vets arent going to learn anything new from the forums, and some feel no one can tell them anything different than what they already know is fact.... even if it isnt. The forum culture is corrupt. Some choosing to only use the venue to prove how biased the game is. We cant help these people, they cant discuss rationally, and revert to "your mama wears army boots" rhetoric when challenged. These breed more of the same. For lack of anything better to do with a tumor, i'd have them purged. Ive been a 20 year fanboy, I choose to see and comment on the greatness of what has been accomplished with this game and community. Some can only see the perceived failings, and feel the need to project the negativity. Good luck CRS.
  6. underpop receives damage bonus for strategic targets sounds digestible. Gives underpop more effectiveness in areas of combat they can control.
  7. ya actually thats exactly it. He manuevered and missed, while YOU crashed. You dont seem to understand there are 2 realities happening at the same time; his and yours; separated by how long it takes (latency) for computers to talk to each other. Stop trying to cut it so close, the fact is that you puter takes the last information it had on your opponent location and applies your last input and calculates the result. So you could penalize the "good" pilot that saw himeself miss, by having him explode after the message got back from the "bad" pilot that he colided, but thats wrong in more ways.
  8. its good physics with bad latency. but mostly Rans stop flying into them. The short end of the stick is determined by the pilot.
  9. I believe you ask too much of the game to create landscape that simulates sound dampening. All trucks can shut off engines and coast. using the road or going downhill can allow trucks to silently slide into min. distance for fms. Cutting sound and creating Ninja trucks isnt a good idea. FACT- All trucks die to one bullet to the lone driver's head. You can also take off wheels and blow the engine all of which negates its FMS deployment capabilities. If the opel in your fable was able to carry on and deploy; then you missed. Period. 120 misses.
  10. DOC Its good to know you are still with us. Youve been a pillar for this game and community. I wish nothing but continued good heath and happiness. <S> Kidd27
  11. im toronto. Id make time
  12. hey
  13. Welcome to the game, your passion is obvious. Ive played since 2001. Im not unique. Many Vets have been patrolling the forums here for info, tips and knowledge for a long time, reading the same issues that have been cropping up since day 1. Fact- the number of rounds that hit a target is irrelevant. "i hit him 100 times" is a common topic. However round are not cumulative. The first round does not "weaken" the armor for the 2nd round; there is no armor fatigue modeled. Fact- Every piece of equipment in game axis or allies is ONE shot away from catastrophic oblivion. Fuel and Ammo is modeled in every tank. These forums have "sapper" spot references that key the weak spots on each tank. You MUST hit these spots. Position yourself so that these spots are available to aim at. FACT- a WTF?! moment happens many more times in game than historically because of the thousands of different engagements that happen daily. Good luck soldier! <S> kidd27
  14. <S> i know you!