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  1. Welcome to the game, your passion is obvious. Ive played since 2001. Im not unique. Many Vets have been patrolling the forums here for info, tips and knowledge for a long time, reading the same issues that have been cropping up since day 1. Fact- the number of rounds that hit a target is irrelevant. "i hit him 100 times" is a common topic. However round are not cumulative. The first round does not "weaken" the armor for the 2nd round; there is no armor fatigue modeled. Fact- Every piece of equipment in game axis or allies is ONE shot away from catastrophic oblivion. Fuel and Ammo is modeled in every tank. These forums have "sapper" spot references that key the weak spots on each tank. You MUST hit these spots. Position yourself so that these spots are available to aim at. FACT- a WTF?! moment happens many more times in game than historically because of the thousands of different engagements that happen daily. Good luck soldier! <S> kidd27
  2. ---Id like to see the interior of the concrete pot bunkers darkened as to not silhoutte a defender. They are almost useless with a glowing halo of a head moving around asking for a bullet. ---Id like to NOT see rifles/legs/feet sticking through a wall/floor/roof. I understand its a massive collider/art issue undertaking. Its been a pet peeve for 18 odd years. ---window deployment of LMGs is clunky, and leaves the gun sticking out the window for all to see. Without being able to duck for cover you have to undeploy. ideally a LMG should be able to "deploy" further back as to not expose himself visually. ---the 1st time buildings/spawns get blown up by bomb/satchel/HE they kill inf inside the building. ---They then become impenetrable bomb proof fortress. You cant blow it up twice- but maybe it should do something ... ---tanks should be able to flip themselves back over using their turret (like the pan) 99.63% of the time a tank flips over, is because of boxy tree/berm/wall collider that is only in our world. You could never flip a tank against a signpost or sapling spruce. ---I beg for a tail audit look for the DB7/havoc. The visual perspective is off, Too close or too big to the tailgunner. You can hide a 111 behind that whale tail. Its always felt off, It shouldn't be as obstructive as it currently is. ---More options for differnent heights in cities/towns. Remember staircases up to the tops of the old massive city buildings? remember trees? Not the solutions perhaps but examples. ---More PPOs. Objects that can be "joined" together like a trench (which would be more berm then trench) and PPOs that require 2 or more pieces to complete the structure like a PPO AF or bunker system. ---Put a punch back in the mortar.
  3. <S> i know you!
  4. 2001 LTD 13th AR 2nd DINA TCW was CO Badger was XO i believe <S>
  5. I believe "cornflakes" were one of those side effects. remember them? we never had craters from bombs. Ever. The terrain is not deformable.
  6. hey fidd, the keymapper tab avail when u pull your map up. top right. the riverbanks have been a little cheeky since the terrain was "fixed" to get id of unintentional terrain clipping. You can still climb the lesser steeped slopes. takes some planning ahead
  7. hey guy! Welcome home
  8. A handful of HC cannot defend a 2 ab town town themselves. If a ab falls to the enemy and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?
  9. Currently multicrewing a vehicle is with one other person. Polycrewing is a discussed plan for the future atm.
  10. no the dont effect supply. Red roads are wider "highways" the white are single lane roads. you move just as fast on either
  11. if there were no visual assistance, finding anything in the air would be excessively frustrating for a PVP game. There could be a more progressive visual table, grey circle/ red circle/ plane type/ plane callsign/#. pilot phone number
  12. kidd wins! I concur! Thank-less animals doing their thing for the luv of the game.
  13. arty has been a discussion for years. The gist of it is... Getting dead in a spawn from 4kms out, is a hard pill to swallow. As much fun as it might be for a few arty pieces to lay waste to a town
  14. There are a few infantry types that can kill tanks. You can edit the keymapper to help with buttons Only one FMS per mission. If one was set up already it wont deploy. The mission has to be set to the FB and you must be within a couple kms from your target. Y you couldnt jump into a general defensive mission and drive to another town to set a FMS. The towns and FBS need to be connected. Stay with it. GL
  15. I think its a ton of work for a "non combat" unit to be modeled with unique abilities. On a related note, It would be foolish to think that gamey tactics are not used. However, spying is much much less of an issue than some believe it to be.
  16. tiers need to be linked to map movement or some other trigger. Setting an arbitrary set time for progression doesnt ensure we get to see any more teirs than we do now
  17. epic numbers. <S>
  18. voice comms become more polluted with ever person. smaller squads ftw
  19. <S> Thoughts and prayers with the family.
  20. You could Model the Just the Capitals ,make Getting to the factories the trigger to "Move" to Berlin. Where soldiers would be thrust into an Epic Fight for Survival for a Capitol. Nice
  21. the 41 kills everything through all tiers. The 43 would do the same. Im not sure how much of a game effect it will have. adjusting numbers in a game that allows any player to spawn unlimited equipment in a limited equip. environment, will NEVER get numbers correct. It is constantly fluid and unpredictable. wheres this pale elephant?
  22. I can see Big HC arty working by making it a polycrewed unit. (4-6) spots. In addition to aiming/loading/firing the arty, there could be a rifle, at/aa attached to it to switch up. Only 1 avail per AO. only deployable in around a town. Its effectiveness/inefectiveness will determine the defenders response, and how it can be taken out/down destroyed. The poly crew and rarity ensures a commitment to the tool by the users. It adds a cool element that i think can be implemented with more pro than cons