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  1. Anyone or group of people interested in getting together to form a squad with a heavy emphasis on organized teamplay using the concepts of rapid reaction, squad tactics, small team operations, etc. In my opinion, I feel that only by working effectively alongside others as a team/squad is a player then able to truly experience the full potential of BGE. Through my proposal of focusing and efficiently using your time playing will you then be able, in my opinion, to successfully immerse yourself into the addictive nature of this game. I only bring this thought up because I feel that squads in general would improve if some looked to return to the basics, and those in squad command positions take the initiative to provide the type of battlefield leadership necessary for small group operations to be conducted. I would like to form a squad with a few people who would be interested in the same fundamentals as I suspect I'm not the only one out there looking for such type of gameplay. This would be a squad what would stress the importance of ALWAYS working together as a small squad using battlefield tactics, as well as teamspeak, to achieve designated goals such as CP cap or FB bust or sapping ET. We would set out to develop an atmosphere of a realistic, inclusive, organized, communicative virtual military organization. I only bring this up because I was reminiscing about the game years back and it caught my attention at the current lack of squads that operate as I have suggested. Some names that come to mind previously would be 53rd Shadow Falcons, KGW, Covert Ops, 3FJ, 3PzG 101st, SODS just to name a few to give you an idea of what I mean. I just would like to get a group of people, or one to two, together that are supportive of the concept suggesting a focus on the fundamentals and working together to generate a fun, challenging, engaging experience by using squads in the way as they were intended but emphasizing the importance of a higher standard of cooperation for the purpose of creating compelling gameplay for you and your friends. Please reply even if you aren't interested as I would appreciate feedback. Willing to work out the details and make adjustments for implementation. Will post in axis secure as well.
  2. My Spanish is quite poor or else I'd be inclined to do so :((.
  3. Salute, Anyone interested in considering the idea of forming a new squad with the purpose of merging multiple smaller squads?? It wouldn't be Axis or Allied but rather a rover type of squad which can switch sides depending on campaign status or campaign number. Such as, #132 go Allied then #133 go Axis. Or, could make a voting system. I would be willing to setup a squad website and forums if we were all able to pull in ATLEAST five daily active members per founder. All members must use TS3 communications. Just wanted to see the type of response I would receive from the community if I put the concept out there. Please let me know if anyone is interested in the idea of focusing on organized squads with an emphasis on teamplay and regular fun activities. Thanks,
  4. Well, there would need to be an understanding off the bat that the squad functions uniformly based on voting or command rotations. I mean, I would be focused on developing a squad primarily for one side initially and move from there spending on the success in the beginning. For those who would be willing to form a group with me the initial side would be based on who plays which side generally. So, if most of the potential members are Axis players usually then the squad would start Axis and revisit the idea during intermission. This squad would form for the betterment of the community and would go where it would be needed most. I just want to try to do something to bring lone wolves and members of squads that are relatively inactive in-order to ensure that players don't unsubscribe to the game because they can't find people to play with at a level they are accustomed. This squad would focus on generating engaging gameplay which ultimately drives people to want to play regardless of the persona. Does that clarify my position? Anything I can do to expand on your question? I would be more than willing to discuss it further if I could get some more feedback or some acknowledgement of interest in helping to put the squad into action.
  5. Well, I understand some people don't even find the idea appealing but please post stating such atleast.
  6. w00t!! Congratulations Axis ... Great work soldaten!
  7. Also, CO would be rotating or on voting system. Not looking to take CO for myself. In addition, I would be willing to help out with subscriptions if players agreed to the idea for the betterment of the game.
  8. Salute Soldaten, Just wanted to put the idea out there to see if there were any squads looking for leadership to help rebuild/strengthen their unit. I've recently returned to the game, and after playing for the past week I've discovered that the Axis community is lacking a strong group of organized forces in terms of squads. As a result, I was hoping that there were people of the same mindset who would be willing to consider forming together to help rebuild an established squad, or form a unit to develop a new powerhouse. Furthermore, I was hoping that some current squad COs who are unable to dedicate a solid amount of time, and energy to rebuild would be willing to discuss the possibility of working together to re-develop the squad under an unified command, or transition the responsibility to myself. I am immediately willing to develop a website/forums personally, and take the initiative in-game to build, lead, & organize the squad in-order to generate enjoyable gameplay for a core group of players. If there are any squads out there looking for experienced leadership within their command structure, or any squad COs willing to transition command in-order to rebuild their squad together please contact me to discuss the concept in detail. I know that this post is out of the ordinary, however I feel that the current state-of-affairs in terms of the Axis squads calls for veterans to take the initiative to come up with a solution to the issues that currently face the Axis playerbase. If anyone has any questions, or feedback please feel free to post within this thread. In addition, you can contact me via e-mail at harpkevin@gmail.com. Respectfully, Vozz
  9. I was just asking. I could have read his post wrong, and that's my mistake. It's hard to tell via text.
  10. Bump! http://FlyingFall.com ... Join today!
  11. The original post was submitted prior to my enlistment into 85th... Evidently you didn't have all the facts. So, yes I am rebuilding the 85th. No need to patronize, or be condescending if that was your intent.
  12. Bump! Domain http://FlyingFall.com is active once again! FF is on the rise, and stay tuned for further updates! Salute!
  13. So, whose CO now days? Website still up? I would like to get back incontact to discuss the future of the squad.
  14. BUMP for SODS! Axis FTW in #91!
  15. Bump ... Topz!
  16. Bump for AEF. Proud former member of AEF showing support!
  17. Bumpage ... Salute!
  18. Bump for SODS ... Solid squad!
  19. Original post content updated, including TS3 information.
  20. Reach our website at a new address ... http://3PzG.com! Website currently going through an updating process, however recruitment is open. Salute!
  21. Dinker was ingame today, but just a few of us right now. Kingjo has returned as well to help support command. We'd love to have you back if only for alittle Pete ... Think about it!
  22. 3PzG is back in action! Website is at http://3pzg.clangrid.com.