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  1. Still kicking [censored], fellas?
  2. As opposed to those who recruit inside the game?
  3. Beer's bloody expensive there though isn't it?
  4. Who are these noobs?
  5. Awesome mk84 (shameless bump)
  6. Doesn't hurt to try updating the drivers first, it wont cost anything so it's worth a try What are the rest of the specs of your pc?
  7. Yeah, I see the same but that's just the scheduler in W7 spreading the load across the cores I think. The total CPU usage due to the game shouldn't be more than 25% still even across all 4 cores. I could be wrong, thats just the way I understand it. edit: just seen hick's reply, I didn't know that, thanks! That's good news too, should give better performance if that's the case. Badger seeing around 40% could be an indication that this is true.
  8. I7 is a quad core right? This game only works on a single core at a time if i'm not mistaken so the game using all the cpu resources available to it would mean a 25% cpu usage total. I'm guessing that the rest of the cpu usage is something else on your system running periodically in the background and the game is effectively 'maxing out' your cpu insomuch as it can. Maybe try overclocking and see what happens.
  9. I'd try updating the drivers. Those ones are pretty old and so might not have the latest version of opengl supported.
  10. That graphics chip doesn't support shader model 3 which is a minimum requirement for the game. I'm not sure it would have the 256MB Vram which is required also so I very much doubt you'd be able to run the game at all on it. Even if you did get the game running with it you'd likely find performance would be so bad as to be unplayable. It's an IGP from 2004 so I think you'll need to upgrade to run the game unfortunately.
  11. No problems here either but I have the compatibility set to Vista rather than Vista SP2. Are you on 32 bit or 64 bit Windows? edit: I have WWIIOL set to run as administrator also.
  12. I see the same. I'm running a Phenom 9950 and get a noticeable increase in FPS when I overclock to 3GHz from 2.6. Changing the settings on the graphics card (GTX260) seems to have no effect at all, even between AA an AF off and 16X.
  13. I've used overclockers quite a few times and never had any problems with them. Only had one problem with any of their stuff (a motherboard) and they replaced it for me with the minimum of fuss. Other decent shops I use are ebuyer, dabs or scan, they've all served me quite well in the past.
  14. I'm using win7 64 bit with no problems. Just set it to run as admin and compatibility mode to Vista and it works fine.
  15. Thanks for the responses. My motherboard is a MSI K9A2 Platinum with the 790FX chipset and my operating system is Windows 7 64 bit. Going by those charts my video card seems kind of sucky, it scores lower than the X1950 Pro I had two years ago .