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  1. My WAG is that your not running your monitor in it's native resolution.
  2. Zeroace, If Indo's program of CPUz doesn't ID your memory correctly, then you will need to open the case and look for the Manufacturer's part number and cross reference it on their website. Default setting seem to fairly accurate with regard to timing, but the stock voltages need to be set specifically. For instance my Crucial Ballistix DDR2 1066mhz runs 5-5-5-15 at 2.2v, which is 0.2-3v higher then the default settings of 1.8v/1.9v of most MOBO's. Edit: If you purchased the memory separately then check your order history with the vendor that you used to find the specs as well. Good Hunting!
  3. 1. Have you run the Memory Diagnostic for Vista? Just type Mem in the search bar to find it. It will ask for restart then test your memory for errors, which it will report any errors upon restart of Vista. 2. Make sure your Memory voltage & timings are correct in the BIOS for your RAM. 3. It might be the cooling pads are worn out on the GPU memory. I had a 1st version of an 8800GT, which has a smaller cooling inlet then my 2nd version 8800GT. I am RMA'ing the 1st ver. due to the memory cooling pads looking like crispy critters. 4. I would concur that the Powersupply is a likely suspect as well, since you are running an Aegis physics unit as well, which is similar to running SLI. I had a 650w powersupply, which was fine prior to SLI 8800gt's & quad-core, after that BSOD began to happen, new PS fixed everything right up. Check here for approved SLI PS since your running that physic card: 5. Hopefully you did a clean install of Vista instead of an upgrade directly over XP. Do you have SP1 yet? Good Hunting!
  4. If your Disabling "Noframe Run Ahead" don't scream like a little girl in the hangar when you start lag ramming EA from what seems to be a 50-100m out. Your computer will think you were going to ram 10-15 frames in the future and kill you then and there. Sometimes triple digits on an FPS counter doesn't make for good gameplay, folks. Good Hunting! Drive2xs
  5. If your looking for a good bunch of folks to teach you the game or just play with you'd be hard pressed to find a better bunch of players.
  6. Probably limited with the laptop, but couldn't you pipe out the secondary video signal to a video capture card in another PC/laptop?
  7. I have experimented with the SpeedSeed RAM disk demo. It is very helpful to delete any auto-downloaded patch files in the Playnet directory and to save your existing screenshots in the CRS directory elsewhere to get the overall file size to 630mb. It's also found it best to make the RamDrive 768mb, otherwise at 750mb it sometime wouldn't allow defragging or would defrag, but still leave two large fragments. The 768mb RamDrive seemed to be the most simple solution to me. It would be very helpful, if a more techincal person could compile a one-stop checklist for setting up and using the RamDisk option as a sticky, instead of having to hunt and peck through the thread. Very noticable improvement none-the-less, thanks for mentioning it.
  8. Unknown if this company will let you record the second screen images, but they do allow you to use the laptop as a secondary screen. I have no experince with this software, but heard about it a few years back. Good Luck!
  9. Thanks, Merlin!
  10. Cheers for the help, Hypersk!
  11. Is it better to place an IDE slave hard drive on the IDE 0 channel with the master hard drive (160GB) or is better to slave it to IDE 1 with the CD-ROM? I will be installing a second HD (40GB) as a slave for either my pagefile or WWIIOL and am wondering, what is the best configuration? Thanks, Drive
  12. Gnasche, Thank you for offer the PW reset. Step II show account active. Step III the reset password (copied exactly) will let me view my account, but still will not allow me into the Live or Training servers. ;(