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  1. it's just more of the same from apple. The next OS wont even have any non intel based support. They did it with classic, they will do it again. It's like they think we should feel blessed to use their computers.
  2. we just got the 27's in yesterday.. got to play around with a few and all I can say is, damn those are huge! the magic mouse is a little wierd.. i wouldnt want to game with it i dont think. Wish I had not bought a 24" a few months ago
  3. this may or may not help... I work at an authorized apple service provider and a lot of what I end up doing is updating people to 10.6 etc. I am getting the rosetta pop up a lot the first time I boot into 10.6. I can't figure out why, because some of the machines came with 10.5 so they theoretically wouldn't even need rosetta. Anyhow, it's a quick install and doesn't seem to cause any problems.
  4. rosetta is a translation thing included with OSX to let you run programs with an Intel mac that are not native i.e. made for the powerpc processor and not universal binary. as far as I know, you have to install bootcamp with a windows CD and then you can option boot and run XP natively. No clue how well it runs on the macbook pro... I know for sure it will run like crap on the macbook because it has shared graphic/system memory.
  5. lol I started june 7th 2002, exactly one day after the year anniversiary
  6. I doubt boot camp will help much since it is pretty unstable, but interested to see if anyone can get it to work well. I work at a mac repair place in NYC and a few of the people here are testing out boot camp and they say when it doesnt crash it runs natively, but the ethernet drivers are wonky and it crashes a lot. Everyone says intel Ibooks are next, and then probably a tower sometime in the summer, but who knows with apple.
  7. my fps are good, but starting today I get 5 second long spikes where my screen totally freezes. Quite hard to fly a plane like this. Some people have been saying the server is hiccuping or something, but I surely didnt change anything from last night when I got smooth performance.
  8. same problem. 6lber and m1. 2lber is fine.. havnt tried the 37
  9. i fixed it. It was the universal nForce drivers. Somehow windows update installed newer ones god knows why.
  10. when I woke up today there was a windows update for my nforce audio driver.. not sure if that has any relation just background info what happens is when i have teamspeak and wwiionline running at the same time wwiionline crashes. If I start wwiionline first it will stay up until i try to spawn in somewhere. If i have teamspeak started first wwiionline will stall at the Loading UI Models part of the load screen about 70% done. Has anyone else had this issue? I cannot think of anything I did to cause it.