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  1. No kidding! I see that there is another promotion thing going on. I'm guessing that the game population is still nearly non-existant. Are you guys playing and if so are there enough people overall to make it worthwhile? Last promotion there were hardly more than a relative handfull of people on each side during "big" battles, and that fights with less than 20 people total have become the norm (I counted a whole 27 people once on the entire Axis side. Allies had about 30 online).
  2. OMG Cas! No, there's nobody in game I hung around for a couple weeks and only saw one other 3PzG guy and he was from a time after us. I saw Wtbass on once, but he was afk. Have you been playing? I'd bunker rush with you again any day I'm planning on checking in here off and on over the next week or so to see if anyone else shows up.
  3. When I played previously, up to about 2006, AI was not an issue. As infantry we could always: 1) Go around or avoid the AI; 2) Use a grenade. During the welcome back soldier program I was able to both avoid and blow AI using 1 or 2 grenades. I also noticed that the AI placement seems to be the same, and the towns that I tried it in I was again able to move from the outskirts of a town to inside the bunker by only avoiding AI. The AT AI shoots spitballs, usually misses the first couple shots, and are in static locations that are easy to: 1) Go around or avoid; 2) Shoot from a distance. I was able to successfully do both very frequently during the welcome back program. The AA AI, like the AT AI, is static and easily destroyed with a few cannon rounds. Astonishingly I would often find it up during my brief dalliance with the welcome back program. I would quickly take it down. It's pretty easy. AI really should not be an issue. Perhaps with the previous destruction wrought upon squads and the subsequent abandoning of the game, there are few people around to show the newer players how simple these things are?
  4. There's nothing special that I had not seen already, except the overpowered US infantry equipment, and I unsubbed in 2006. Would really have preferred to have had experienced a battle like what was common in 2004. What I did experience was playing whack-a-mole and what we would have called probing skirmishes.
  5. I was a sort of fun couple weeks. May play again if there is another free period. Thanks!
  6. I am real! I've been playing on the welcome back program currently on, and ending this weekend. Therefore I will be gone again after Sunday. I hope you guys are all doing well. We had some good times taking towns, I miss those times and remember them fondly.
  7. Hello? Is there anybody out there?
  8. The graphics have improved a lot since I last played. Much more detail, looks amazing compared to what it was in 2004/5. It's probably a good thing that the game population has shrunk by several orders of magnitude since then, all those players plus the new graphics may have caused a drop in FPS for me.
  9. Windows 7 64-bit. Current to all critical updates. Direct X updated with the release that came with the game client. Drivers all current and seemingly functional.
  10. Started playing in 2002. Was active until about 2006. Might jump in and see if there are any old 3rd Panzergruppe guys still around. Providing I can figure out how to get some servers to show up in the sever list after authentication.
  11. Windows defender
  12. Same problem here. I have UPnP on my Netgear router turned on, I have port forwarding set up TCP/UDP for the above listed ports, and I have both set up rules for Playgate.exe in windows firewall and tried with windows firewall turned off. No servers are listed after authenticating this account. Any ideas?