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  1. LMAO ... this sniper squad was eliminated because all your parents kicked you out of their basements. 613 TOM. Hahaha
  2. How about Virtual Reality? Would be cool to see this on HTC Vive.
  3. Congrats on your relationship Tex.
  4. C'mon man! Was that a shot at me? lol I probably spend half my time in cps. I like the climbable buildings idea too. Wonder if its going to be setup like last ones with stairwell up to roof. Don't really keep up with what's going on. I would really like to climb trees again eventually. I know someone climbed a tree and shot in WWII somewhere.
  5. Lets go back to bump the table captures. except for maybe the AB. Some of my best memories is killing EI and watching them fall dead inches from touching the tables. Just get rid of timers at cps...Sux And since I'm complaining How bout being able to climb some trees again. So we were able to climb trees when there was an actual tree in the middle of nowhere but now that we have real terrain we cant climb? There wouldn't be any issues with snipers at ms's or anywhere else because there already there 30 secs after they get set. Sitting in cp's with these slow [censored] timers is just getting ridiculous. Feel like they are capping 2 cps faster than we can recap 1. My complaint for the day.
  6. https://imgur.com/apNIbyN This is an example. My sons computer I built for him. Single loop, one pump instead of 2 pumps and 2 separate loops. His temps while playing fortnite and apex average 58-60C on CPU and maybe 50-55 on GPU. Now I could have eliminated some of the loop but because I used that Barrows Res plate it add some to the loop. But if wanted to bench my sons computer you are limited on the amount of room to adjust voltage and overclock CPU. more voltage = heat. You want the room to play. He doesn't need it and I built his mostly from old parts.
  7. A ton of benchmarking on hwbot. just ordered new pot and some material for ln2. I am prepared to lose some equipment...lol. As far as connection. the way my house is set up I have cable line coming in from downstairs to modem and I ran a dedicated line upstairs. My son is 5g wireless and all the other s*** we have running in the house. I went through hell getting that line upstairs so I wouldn't have to much drop of with latency. I can understand a wireless connection. 2 360 rads was the smartest thing Ive done in the 20 water-cooled builds I have done. My temps at max overclock...48C all 16 cores at 4.2 Ghz. My temps on gpu have never gone above 37 or 38C with or without any overclock. 2 loops each with a 360 is perfect for benchmarking and gaming.
  8. https://imgur.com/7cRXDN2 I just built this computer specifically for gaming and rid myself of any bottlenecking. I have 150 Mbps speed and dedicated wired line on 5g connection. Now 90% of gameplay for me is smooth as can be but I am still getting some major lag sometimes. We have all unloaded half a magazine into an ei and he turns and kills you and runs off. Sometimes it wont even show any hits or damage. I cant even imagine playing on a older computer or laptop with a wifi connection. Wouldn't someone lagging that bad have a disadvantage? Seems backwards to me and maybe I am looking at this all wrong. Do I need to go back to dial-up service? (lol, no chance) I just want to know what any of you do out there to help with lag. Is it on my end or wwii server?
  9. I think this may be my first post since Jun 2002. I know this is my first campaign as a german player. I love all my allies brothers but all I have to say is "SHERMAGEDDON". Fkn Ridiculous.