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  1. I never post here anymore, except for this: Congratulations on a big victory! Cheers!
  2. It's not yet your time, you a$$hat. Get well, FFS!
  3. You all suck.
  4. *Sniff Yup.
  5. Make it happen! It's been more than a year since I could ride my motorbike and I cannot think of a better excuse to ride around Europe again
  6. Best of wishes!
  7. Easter 2011 then?
  8. They are available. I can set desktop and video colour. They just don't seem to affect fullscreen games. I have set my monitor with the Adobe calibration tool and it's now much brighter. If game keeps this setting I might use the Nvidia controls the other way and tone down the desktop instead
  9. Check game's resolution in settings.exe. It should be in your game's folder. Set it to a proper 16:9 or 16:10 resolution.
  10. Maybe. I've heard there are differences in this respect between basic and other versions. I can adjust it via the monitor controls, so it's not a biggie. Yes, I'm using the correct controls. It's only that I prefer more relaxed desktop tones and use more aggressive settings for gaming, or the correct ones for video playback. Nvidia limits me to two, which is a bit annoying, even if it worked properly. That's why I would like game colour controls back. (I started with 286 computers on MS-DOS )
  11. It didn't seem to work in W7 Enterprise x64...
  12. The Nvidia control panel can adjust gamma for the desktop and gamma for video overlay. They both work fine, even in real time. However, fullscreen games are not affected by either setting in W7. The desktop setting does that job fine in XP, but in W7 full screen games simply ignore it and use 1.0 gamma. In other games it's as simple as setting the in-game gamma slider, but in BE it dissapeared in 1.27, so I'm basically stuck in the default darkness. Are the color controls coming back to the game anytime soon?
  13. Don't worry about what netcheck says. It hasn't been updated and it shows the same results to everyone.
  14. Documents folder is always Battleground Europe.