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  1. Goodbye Buckeyes. I have played with you on more than one occasion. While I haven't been active recently, I definitely remember you and you will live on in the spirit of this game and community.
  2. Are you using some sort of port blocking program? Checked your firewall?
  3. My laptop has an integrated card and a Nvidia one. I can run it by right clicking and saying which card to run it with. Also, somewhere in the settings for your card, you can probably specify which card to use every time you run a specific program.
  4. When is the last time you checked to update drivers on everything, including sound and video?
  5. What do people use? Having a hard time finding one that I know will work for sure with 7 64. See a ton of ones on Newegg that a Vista 64 compatible but not everyone says they work with 7 64 in comments.
  6. Have you made sure your drivers are updated? The boxed ones may not be proper. If they are updated, check out other ATI drivers to see if any work better.