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  1. Goodbye Buckeyes. I have played with you on more than one occasion. While I haven't been active recently, I definitely remember you and you will live on in the spirit of this game and community.
  2. I see you connected Eghezee to Hannut, and that is awesome. Was hoping that would get added some time. How about Sambreville and Gembloux, too? They're really close and seem like they should be linked and make a pain in the ass to maneuver around.
  3. Yeah. Lotsa weird inf animation changes. I did I whole list for em and they've got it.
  4. AMD processor? There is a patch somewhere for that.
  5. This is just a random, long-standing bug that happens with any control set and will happen with any vehicle. For some reason StuG3Gs tend to get it more than anything else. I've had this bug only a handful of times since 2002 playing Allied but I have had it happen randomly.
  6. It's buggin the hell outta me too. Especially because my FPS for some reason are WAY off from last patch. Getting single digits in Lohmar and getting very annoyed at it.
  7. Already posted on first page like 4 threads down, but yeah.
  8. It's all wicked bugged. I had a 7 kill mission that it listed me with no kills and no crit damage.
  9. Never had this or seen reported.
  10. Did you take crit damage and/or explode in air then despawn?
  11. Reports on Allied side channel all over.
  12. This guy showed as my killer for last mission but CSR doesn't score him as my killer or me as a kill for him. Also notice the crit double. http://csr.wwiionline.com/scripts/services/persona/sortie.jsp?sid=2667&pid=575562 SORTIE DETAILS Origin CP: Brühl Origin Fac: Brühl-Euskirchen FB Mission: Point Attack Unit: StuG IIIG -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Started: Jul 15 16:21 Stopped: Jul 15 16:25 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kills: 0 Caps: 0 Damages: 1 TOM: 4 min Success: No Crit. Dam.: Yes Result: Rescued SORTIE CREW-MEMBERS Lt Col Zidor 2nd Lt Hrender CRITICAL DAMAGE FROM Maj Mitchlin (FR/AR) Light Mortar 2nd Lt Habirrus (FR/AR) Sapper
  13. http://csr.wwiionline.com/scripts/services/persona/sortie.jsp?sid=950&pid=201849 First mission after server up SORTIE KILLS KILLED OPPONENT PERSONA ORIGIN UNIT K C T Jul 15 16:02 Maj Aqnde DE Army Aarschot Flak 36 0 0 0 Jul 15 16:09 Gen Ch53guni DE Army Br?hl Opel 0 0 2 Jul 15 16:11 Lt Col Firefoxi DE Army Br?hl Pak 40 0 0 3 Jul 15 16:12 Lt Col Gilmour FR Army Longwy Pz IVg 0 0 7 Jul 15 16:17 Lt Col Tootalll DE Army Br?hl StuG IIIG 0 0 2 Jul 15 16:17 Maj Mundi DE Air Force Bertrix SdKfz 232 1 0 5 There 232 Mundi's mission: http://csr.wwiionline.com/scripts/services/persona/sortie.jsp?sid=2403&pid=442430 was actually Ch53Guni that drove it after inspecting stats. SORTIE DETAILS Origin CP: Bertrix Origin Fac: Acremont Airfield Mission: Point Defense Unit: Bf109E4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Started: Jun 11 12:47 Stopped: Jun 11 12:52 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kills: 1 Caps: 0 Damages: 2 TOM: 5 min Success: No Crit. Dam.: Yes Result: Killed in Action SORTIE CREW-MEMBERS Gen Ch53guni Maj Mundi CRITICAL DAMAGE FROM Lt Col Gamer218 (FR/AR) Bofors Lt Col Eko13wf (FR/AR) Sherman 76 AFTER ACTION REPORT This sortie has no AAR. If this is your persona, you may add an AAR. ADD AAR > -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SORTIE KILLS KILLED OPPONENT PERSONA ORIGIN UNIT K C T Jun 11 12:50 Col Sgt Dangrboy FR Army Carignan Sapper 1 0 4
  14. Yes, AA AI shooting at the plane can manage to kill you.
  15. I've had this happen with the bomb drop whistle looping over and over only.