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  1. And with all the trees... anyway you can't see anything, and when you can see far, weapon are too weak/slow to engage.. so ... it s far from epic battle, mostly CQB, a bad FPS with weird controls
  2. the more they are reducing distances, the less interesting it is . Over years everything has been done to shorten the time from spawn to contact, and finally there s not much left but fighting for a flag (camping depot/AB) What was a specialty (guard) become game basis. Kill someone...2 min later he s in your back with counter-unit.. it s ridiculous
  3. Fix all the useless allied "sights" and other non-pratical stuff like LMG/Bombers,etc.
  4. it was two different approach (and three with Russians, but they are not ingame) based on ressources, people, etc... how it can be reflected online with historical values, looks difficult.
  5. stuart is fairly ok, if you 5 vs 1, for example
  6. Don't you fear most allied ww1 stuff will be useless ? it s already performing poorly,... but history being what it is, i can only guess it was worse than that. I mean tier 1 , and 2 , because it was mostly just upgraded stuff . Most of guns can't shoot straight, heavy bullet drop, low velocity, etc. German stuff may not be so much better, but they had an edge on the technological side for some part of the conflict, and then its numbers (USA production, allies soldiers) If it goes to historical values, it ll be hard to reflect. We can play on stats, not numbers of players, nor their qualification . It is said it was many sherman for one Tiger, how to reflect that ? limiting Tiger ? but if it s 3vs3 (3 Tiger, 3 sherman) looks good ! Sorry i am abording many points in one post, but that s it (and sorry for poor english)