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  1. Surely the lack of north stuff has nothing to do with HC or TZ3 but just down to A: Antwerp being too hard to cap and B: the sheer ease Axis have with the Laon cut off. Think both HCs would love a far north or south campaign just to try different things, but map sets up currently high risk for either doing it. splitting big towns up would help one........other harder to solve, maybe making a 4AB city in that Laon cut off area
  2. Sounds like a great start to help. i think the longer timers have been good for making battles but it was driving me mad when underpop you had to usually cap on own and hope for best while other side hit in a group......
  3. We should not be slagging off Allied HC for trying to attack the south..........I’d rather they try different things than go the stalemate of the exact same plan from day one each and every map. reminds me of that random map a long time ago (one for the longer term players) when Axis tried to shove lots of flags from day 1 around Antwerp over them north islands. ended in disaster, but worth a try. Problem currently is map has high risks for either doing anything but centre and could do with something to make north and south areas interesting
  4. There really does need to be a way to halt this mass cut off..........that has been a huge advantage Axis have over Allies for as long as I can remember, but at same time there has to be a way to reduce Antwerp which has been the huge advantage Allied have had. because of both the north is rarely touched and Allied gambles are fewer because of the much larger risk of cut off the have
  5. How about we reduced cap timers to a minimal, but the bunker only became active if all other flags were taken......for single ab towns. then for towns of two or more you have ‘zones’ which need taken for an ab to become active. So places like Antwerp would be split into 4 zones so you capture all north flags the north ab only becomes active id even maybe have it abs automatically fall if all other flags in town/zone are controlled by enemy .......means no more endless bunker guarding or mole caps, but teamwork in attacking/defending areas of a town
  6. Will be very unpopular me saying this but i think a large chunk of problem sometimes is of the main aspects of the game. but Squads usually have so many rules attached to being apart of them.....players have to simply pick their side at start and never move over.....even if its bloody obvious switching t'other side would make for a better map. and when a side badly loses......half a squad goes from one side to other side and suddenly all that happens is a reverse campaign of the previous map. I am not saying people should side switch day by day on a map as you don't experience a proper campaign, but it needs more people willing to switch 3-4 days into a map when its obvious which side has fewer vet players in order to bring out a more even map. Problem is that many tied to either 'always playing one side' or in a squad with rules of not really side switching and if so just for a map or two and cannot come back that map.......most vets won't switch over. probably worse in TZ3 when less 'non attached' players.
  7. When I used to play the game 7 odd years back imbalance was always there, think it will never fully go. but it sort've balanced up as Axis usually dominated euro time and Allies US time. Sundays were big for both sides. youd be willing to doggedly defend through week as you knew an attack op was possible next day or weekend. currently see Allies still have this, but seems gone with Axis. Defence is still ok, slacked at present but think Axis players getting sick of defending, but we need to get some sortve attack period somewhere
  8. Not sure where its going wrong for Axis at present. Dont get into game anywhere near amount of time i did when i previously played the game (married in that time and just only get a couple of hours here and there) but they seem nicely organised defense wise whenever i get on. Last night was solid defense of Sittard and Druten. yet seem to log in next day and places collapsed with little gain...........must just be a wee period of timezone each day where it just ain't happening, although think Axis attacks need more teamwork, always log in mostly on defense.....but that could be as map has a defense only outlook at present for axis. ah always had spells of one side struggling, then switches, Axis just need to dig in deep defence right now and try and hold map until later tiers come in and people switch over a bit.
  9. fn key worked fine chhers now need to get back into it
  10. sorry it's long winded, been out of game abit as busy and also watching yon world cup. my older comp cannot run new patch so i;'ve switched it to my laptop game works fine, but i'm stuck with regards the old chatter bars. The reasons being you use F keys to select which to use, but my F keys on my laptop change sound, brightness, internet connection etc, etc. no doubt someone else has had this, does anyone know what you do to allow it to work ???
  11. i will try to get my computer stats for you guys trying to sort this, but i think by pure and utter accident i have sorted mine and i don't get it anymore!!! When l logged in last week i went to settings and just decided to try and lower the screen res as i thought maybe that is the problem (because on my home computer i have a funyn screen resolution set) i couldn't see how to do it so i just clicked ont he button to make it best performance settings (or whatever it's called) this set it to Low player vis and honesty it has stopped and i have had nothing else since. I read this today and Bloo has mentioend trying this so maybe i just did what they think could sort it. of course now i've re-set *Groan* I am now getting an old Sound problem whereby my computer suddenly crashes and restarts, this i used to have, but fiddled about with and sorted, but forgot what i did and now reset it's come back haha, but well that is extremely few and can for now put up with that.
  12. i aint had time the last month to even bother, but i should in a week or so be back to normal and then i'll focus abit on trying to give you the info. i only get this during high pop battles so for me to get this problem i'll need to get on a sat-sun when it's heavy fighting so when i do i'll mark all the details. i don't mind trying a newer version either to see if it works, it can only be as unplayable as this one is at moment, although i aint sure on my comp stats and need to check it's not a perfect comp so you may want to try someone else.
  13. am close to unsubbing as i aint played now for a bout 3 weeks, tried again today and got the same things. it's ever since this god-awful patch came in, same gameplay, same computer, but numerous problems. game is worthless for me at moment, so not worth the money paid, but i keep checking incase someone finds something out. seem to find it's the main battles and during the main action, but well i don't want to payt to sit in empty towns 99 times out of 100 because this game cannot handle more.
  14. An excellent Squad, one i recommend to many. It's mostly us based, with me now out the squad at the moment to try axis for a while there is only retterkl in the side euro time, but they are a very friendly, decent group, and the last month or two have got a real teamwork gist going which seems to be helping allied side. good for new players but better for US based ones.