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  1. Welcome back !
  2. Oh no worries OHM. I'm perfectly happy as things are right now! thank you though !
  3. Well, ok, so I'm back to not having a capital S but at least it's actually legible and correct, other than the no cap.
  4. Thanks ! Appreciate the help guys ! I'm looking forward to seeing what my forum handle looks like here !
  5. Well you shouldn't have waited till Pearl Harbor to join the war then!
  6. happy birthday ww2ol. Yes. It is impressive. Now pardon me, time to head back to OT.
  7. Hi cyclo, long time no see.
  8. Honestly, I doubt fallsjager is serious about waving the rainbow flag here.
  9. I think it's good that OT is exclusive. I like to pad in private.
  10. Well, yes, it's true that the 21st Army Tank brigade consisted of 3 regiments each of which was a 'RTR' (royal tank regiment). I had not heard of this formation before by the way, I had to google it. I'm not really an expert. I think the logic goes something like this: The King doesn't want to be associated with the PBI (poor bl**dy infantry) and so doesn't give the Army as a whole the right to call themselves 'Royal'. Only selected units get to be Royal, the rest of them are the scum of the earth and really shouldn't be associated with Royalty. The tankers are amongst the exceptions he is willing to make.
  11. I think these are really cool so please don't take this as criticism. The British Army is not a Royal army. Air Force and Navy are royal, but only certain bits of the army are referred to that way. Most Brits will read Royal army and think that's not right. I recommend taking out the royal. Or you could say Royal Tank Regiment
  12. One of my favourite vids: 801 Naval Air Squadron decommission after 25 years of operating the Sea Harrier q_LSvSmfsV8
  13. From the earliest days, through footage from Falklands, to the end, in 2006 XVparIRzijo
  14. worth a watch ! RzFw-qsJoC0&feature=related