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  1. redfish1 and bersi, booyah, sniper62, zoom, quite the oldfart collection i see ..... is oldzeke still about, think hes even older than me :}
  2. Big fight last night in the town NW of koln, 16 to 25 following the ant trail into town, 50s at the fb. 90s offline training. This is what i expected from this rig, going to try the 3.0 gig intell tonight. balanced settings 2.2 gig amd quad core socket am2 XPpro 8800gt 4 gigs 800meg XFi audio 32 sounds enabled 1600 900
  3. We have slots open for any skill level gents, drop by and say hi on the forums. Very active squadron with members on most days and focused on ww2ol and flying for the luft in 109s.
  4. Bump :} Looking for tactical flight oriented pilots of all skill levels. If you want to see and enjoy the airwar at its finest drop by and fly with us.
  5. Good luck gents! btw the forums seem to be down, and or the links no good.
  6. noob-tastic perhaps ? Nice raids lately gents S!
  7. Well the bottom card in the next series is equal to the mid card in the prior series ? Huge difference from 5200 to 5900, 6100 to 6800, etc. I would save save my cash and wait until i could get into a upper model 7 series. 7600 7900 would rock
  8. Its good to see you guys getting rolling again and good luck , it will be good to have another group of unpredictable killers on the loose :}
  9. Page 2, i think not :}