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  1. This is an old idea i had many years ago - but it is still at the top of my "I NEED" list for WWIIOL. A collection of 2-10 people who join up and work together on an attack, and as a prize share experience of kills and caps. I was thinking of something like this: 1: At the main unit screen you can either create a unit of your own, or you can join an existing unit. At this point anyone would be able to create a combat unit, but off course some might think it a good idea to have it enabled at certain ranks. 2: If you choose to create a unit of your own, you will automatically be put as the unit leader with the possibility of managing the following: Size of the squad Mark open slots as "squad only" or as "open" Kick players Promote players to leader (demoting yourself) 3: If you chose to join a unit, you would recive a list of already active units with the same objective as you (for example: Same attack, or same defense), and you get to see how many are active in the unit itself. Just pick a unit and hit "join" 4: In the active unit screen you can see the same info as a unit leader, but you can only remove yourself from the unit. With voice comms, internal coordination of these groups would be made a lot easier. This idea was originally thought up as an infantry only idea, but it could also be expanded to make "Armored Units", "Mech Infantry Units", "Air Wings" - you name it. This functionality would make it a completely different game. If we were to take it one step further, the different nations had different compositions and sizes of their "infantry squads" For example a german 1944 rifle platoon looked like this: Squad Commander, MP40, pistol Messenger (2), Private, Rifle Stretcher Bearer, Private, Pistol Wagon driver, Private, Rifle, Horse (2), wagon & trailer Horse leader, Private, Rifle, Horse, cart & trailer Rifle Squad (3) each consiting of: Squad Leader, NCO, MP40 Rifleman (5), Private, Rifle Rifleman, Private, MP40 Machine Gunner Private, Pistol, MG34/42 Assistant Gunner, Private, Rifle So a german ww2 infantry rifle squad had a standard of 9 men. __________________________________________________________ In comparison a ww2 american rifle squad looked like this: Squad Commander, Lieutenant, Carbine Squad Sergeant, Technical Sergeant, Rifle Squad Guide, Staff Sergeant, Rifle Messenger (2), Private, Rifle Rifle Squad (3) each consiting of: Squad Leader, Staff Sergeant, Rifle Assistant Leader, Sergeant, Rifle Rifleman (7), Private, Rifle Automatic Rifleman, Private, Automatic Rifle Assistant Auto Rifleman, Private, Rifle Ammunition bearer, Private, Rifle So an american infantry rifle squad had a standard of 12 people ________________________________________________________ And here are the british rifle squad info: Squad Commander, Subaltern, Pistol Squad Sergeant, Sergeant, Rifle Batman (signaler) Private, Rifle Orderly, Private, Rifle, Bicycle Mortar Commander, Lance Corporal, Rifle Mortar Number 1, Private, Sten, 2 inch mortar Mortar Number 2, Private, Rifle Rifle Section (3) each consiting of: Section Commander, Corporal, Sten Rifleman (6), Private, Rifle Second in Command, Lance Corporal, Rifle Bren Number 1, Private, Bren Bren Number 2, Private, Rifle A british ww2 infantry rifle squad had a standard of 10 men.
  2. Yup - right down to the axis HC burning out and abandoning ship, ending an otherwise great campaign, with an utter fail!
  3. I play WWIIOL using a VOID RGB USB Dolby 7.1 Gaming Headset. I am finding that the sound ingame lacks depth. For instance - a tank 100 meters away, will be as loud as a tank right next to me. Shots, explosions and such, are all very difficult to "range", and positioning is almost impossible. I have tried disabling the 7.1 surround, and playing only in stereo - but the change is negligible. Any ideas how to fix this? If I pop in a simple stereo headset, the sounds do get better.
  4. Tsk tsk - Development requests are not support subjects
  5. So your solution to this problem is to ask me to spend money on a new OS? Good thing you arent CRS
  6. I run two accounts so i can tow myself around - it's works great running both accounts on the same computer, I get a stable 60-100 fps at all times. I tend to let the truck/ht stand next to me so I always have ammo, but there is one fundemental flaw in all this. I am getting all the sound of BOTH clients at all times - What is worse, is that it completely screws up my surround sound, since I am getting surround input from two different sources Can you PLEASE add a small button to the sound menu, so we can toggle "No sound when in background"?
  7. Join us - we have fun and do what we can
  8. Join us and even out the playing field!!