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  1. ahhhhh. That's a different link than the one I installed from the other thread. Perhaps that thread should be altered and/or deleted so dumb dumbs like me don't install the earlier version.
  2. I uninstalled and installed and have the same issue. Welcome back!
  3. It's not my fault that black computers are slower than silver computers.
  4. I have no idea what I mean. All I know is my silver computer is faster than the black one I used to have therefore silver is faster than black.
  5. Buy a real computer. *runs*
  6. JG2 is the one with the 2 and JG26 has the 26 in it. I think JG51 has that 51 thingy and we do indeed have a 52.
  7. saved by by ignorance!
  8. JG2 squad night is on a Friday? Geeks!
  9. in this forum you should "buy more RAM" In this forum you'll probably get more help:
  10. how much did you spend at the time?