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  1. I have seen plenty of "defenders" doing this also. Some folks like to grief it's in their blood.
  2. I had a CTD three nights ago when I tried to spawn into the game world. A squaddie also reported he had a CTD or two the other day also which he never gets.
  3. Rats just need to lock this train wreck....ffs people.
  4. Have to agree it is a little odd sounding. Bomb dropped on a tank in an open field and you'd think the tank blew up by the sound and then the smoke clears, tank is still alive and well. It sounds like a building coming down every time a bomb explodes now.
  5. Sorella is that you walking to an FB so there is no opel noise?
  6. Same for me. I lost the ability to see barracks, hangar, whatever the navy one is, and both side forums. Account is active as subscriber.
  7. Thank you sir. Doing what I can to help the Axis move forward. Good job to all who were there. o7
  8. That many 88 rounds to eventually kill the sherman is showing something is FUBAR. Gun mantlet argument aside, what happened in that video shouldn't have happened. It can be seen that 88 rounds were hitting in different spots on the frontal armor. I agree with goreblimey, just one or two penetrating rounds from an 88 was typically more than enough to knock out the majority of Allied and Soviet tanks. The velocity of the shell passing through the tank would more often than not liquify the crew inside and or kill them out right from the internal organ damage caused by the shock wave as I have read in many different books over the years.
  9. I see kazee. Thank you.
  10. Curious to know if anyone knows if it is acceptable to have the PZ IVD frontal armor easily penetrated by a Stu at 1000m? I am thinking "no", but I'd like to know other people's in game experiences since it happened to me last week. I was hit by 2 rounds from the Stu at that range by rohmu and both penetrated the front armor pretty easily. The first round killed the driver and the second everyone else inside and the turret popped off.
  11. CTD

    Just had a CTD while pulling up from a dive in a stuka. I switched to the rear gunner position to look for smoke puffs on the field and the game froze. I could hear the engine still but could not move anything. After about 15 seconds an error window popped up saying something to the effect of "Internal host error connection 0". I clicked "ok" and the game closed completely with no additional error messages and I was on the desktop. Never had this before and it was different then the forced despawn that happened to me once weeks ago. Just figured I'd report it.
  12. I tried to help a green tag last night who was failing horribly at taking off. I never got a response back when I was trying to tell him what he needed to do to get the plane off the runway. After he nosed 4 planes into the ground he just de-spawned. Hope he wasn't so frustrated that he quit the game.
  13. I have flown only one mission since the patch with a Stuka last night. I did not experience any problems with bombs or guns. I got several hits and a kill with one 50kg bomb and hits on a Hawk with main guns. Redwing and his Hawk apparently aren't experiencing this problem either since he shot me down in said Hawk.
  14. AI will track and kill you through smoke with no problem, don't bother wasting smoke grenades on it.