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  1. It finally occurred to me to try offline practice (just to get a look at 1.30) and that is when I discovered that the crash back to desktop is not an online problem. It is related to the ww2.exe. As soon as I click on it: a brief black screen and then back to desktop. I don't believe deleting and reinstalling the game is likely to solve that problem. Is it possibly a sound or video conflict?? i have WIN XP Professional, Xonar D2 sound, and NVidia 9800GTX dual graphics cards in SLI mode. Never a problem with this setup until 1.30.
  2. Exactly the same for me: Get all the way to choosing CAMPAIGN, black screen for a few seconds, and then back to desktop. NEED SOME HELP CRS
  3. Thanks for the fast response. I will give it a try tomorrow on this PC I just put together.
  4. It is most often a sound problem. Make sure in SETTINGS it actually lists your sound card (not Primary sound device). If not fixed there just uninstall your soundcard and reinstall the drivers. You do NOT have to remove the card, just uninstall it in Device Manager. Check the soundcard website to make sure ytou have the latest drivers. I was having a similar problem. All was well until I pushed the throttle forward. When the engine roared the game locked up completely (and my PC as well). Btw..If you have onboard sound but are using a different soundcard be sure the onboaed card is DISABLED in device manager.
  5. I'm sure this has been asked and answered before but I cannot find it: If I want to run a 2nd account on the same PC as my primary persona must I have two separate installations of the game or do I just Alt-Tab out of the first one to bring up the second?
  6. The game DOES run under Windows....All versions including Vista. Do you mean in less than full screen? Otherwise I dont have a clue about what you want to know.
  7. Logitech LX 701 works just fine for me. Very accurate mouse, keyboardd is not a huge deskfiller either. BAtteries last so long I don't even remember when they were changed last.
  8. Thinking it was a smart move I downloaded and installed the latest Saitek SST software and drivers for my X-52. Guess what? the new stuff will not work with any profiles from older software (those .dat files). There is no way to convert them. After a couple of hours of trying to get all the new stuff out of my registry I finally had to do a system restore to get back to ground zero and use my existing profiles. Just a friendly warning.
  9. Thank you both for your replies. Unfortunately they do not help. I cannot find any SST instructions regarding a macro for the Mouse Wheel. In fact, the SST instructions seem to completely ignore the wheel. I have set up bands for wheels on the X-52 but none of them apply to the mouse wheel. More detail would be very much appreciated. Leparc; If you check the keymapper you will find that there is NO mouse wheel mentioned, nor any keys assigned to zoom incrementally on the map. I am just not smart enough to figure out all the ways to use the SST software Btw....for info only. The new Saitek SST Software will NOT work with any previous profiles (.dat files). Be warned, I found out the hard way.
  10. Bump---Please, can it be done?
  11. I cannot see how to set up any combo of keys, or the wheel to get zoom in/out. Can anyone help me out here? It is really awkward jumping to the mouse or using the keyboard zooms while trying to fly and bomb.
  12. "doubt it's a RAM issue, I have 3 Gig" Ditto from me. My fps have gone completely haywire ranging from 0 to 55 now. I was getting a pretty constant 30-80. Latest ATI drivers didn't improve a thing. My specs are unchanged too: Duo core pentium, ATI 1900 series graphics, 3Gigs ram.
  13. Since the new patch every time I try to login I get a message that says: CHECK YOUR FIREWALL. NETWORK SETUP ERROR:NETWORK ACCESS FAILED. Sometimes I can proceed with login but sometimes I need to start all over. I get the same message on either of my PCs. A complete reinstall of the game does not stop it. Turning off the firewall doesn't help either. Anyone know how to fix this? Anyone?, anyone?
  14. Are You Two Trying to HIJACK THIS THREAD? The Question is about Map Zooming and Centering, not making missions. As Inspector Clouseau would say: " Get your own pistol pen" err thread.
  15. Same here and a big amen to that.