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  1. This is a 5 stars squad with great teamwork!!! Astonishing Online teamspeak, email, forums, newspaper and other add ons that makes this group an excellent choice to give it a try!!! Keep it up 24TH PB!!
  2. S! Drewd82 The 24th Panzer Brigade is Recruiting ! Our Squad training nites are Saturday 7:00 CST USA.Our Squad Battlefield nite is offically Sunday Nite,but we are on and in game every nite of the week. The 24th Panzer Brigade is a squad that has been around for more than 2 years providing the best WW2OL site and online tools that enhance the game play of our members. We are an Axis Squad Only. We are in Kampfgruppe 1/4th Panzer Division/XXVII Korp/6th Armee Group. We have members that are under USA & Western Europe Time Zones. We have many of our members currently in OKW HC. We also have many experienced former OKW HCs as well. Our primary objective is to have fun.We do many Combined Arms and Inter Squad Attacks on the Battlefield,so if you like playing the "Lone Ranger",this is NOT the place for you.We believe in TEAM PLAY. We have our own Team Speak Server and our web site is; http://24thpanzerbrigade.com/