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  1. No one playing is in my old squad. I've rounded up some of the previous members and would like to reopen it. How would I go about getting back into it and getting control again?
  2. This is a great discussion, and while there are a number of reasons that complicate implementation of these ideas, I like them just as much now as i did when they were discussed years ago. Obstacles like side imbalance, lack of immediate action on spawning, programming hurdles, etc, ...... whatever..... Maybe the time is finally here. Good Luck!
  3. Started June, 2002 Not sure when I played last. I was in GHQC/AHQC, then 111th Rangers, then 4RCA Started Axis on a whim, then quickly moved semi-permanently to Allied. Loved me that Enfield rifle. Cosian never lets me forget that I killed the entire Allied High Command staff when I rolled the truck I was driving them in. And the squad taking a 7 and a half hour truck ride behind Axis lines......
  4. You guys are funny. We had a tank battle on open ground and the axis kicked our asses. No big surprise there. But then they forgot to look under a bush for the armored car sitting on the objective. Too funny. It was fun either way you look at it. I'd do it again. I'm just impressed as hell somebody spawned an H39 and actually got into action before the 90 minutes was up. Somebody faster must've towed him, LOL.
  5. Hoping to be there in a Stuart, or whatever the Allied CO needs. Might even be talked into driving an ammo truck.
  6. I was in the 1st platoon under lclarke, and we were on the M10 that had brake problems with another squad. It was very frustrating to be in the midst of fully half our infantry and all we can do is listen/read about the battle while we tried to get to the fight. (we also turned around and returned to pick up an inf that fell off the tank). I suggested we stop for a nap as well, hehe. After finally arriving into the battle area, we were directed to a number of spots and eventually asked to advance up the hill to the E forest. While short of the treeline, we came under enemy fire and were pinned down on the slopes. I attempted a Rambo flanking maneuver around the left flank to the north, and caught an EI SMG trying to do the same to us and nailed him. I was promptly rewarded the standard trophy for Ramboism....a bullet in the head. I reported my death and a kill to my NCO, despawned and logged from the Event. My third Realism Event, and I died in each one as well as scoring a kill in each one. At least this time preventing an EI from flanking us was a deed worthy of my sacrifice. I was pleased that Lindir allowed both sides some respawns to deal with vehicle "breakdowns". It seems fair. The snafus we encoutnered were nothing that couldn't happen on the real battlefield, and the waiting is pretty much expected, so no dissatisfaction there. Had a good time. Would like to live thru one, though. These are handled well enough that I'll be attempting to recruit some of my squaddies and friends that used to play SET events with me. They would enjoy this.
  7. I was a rifleman in squad 3. We were assigned to support the M10 in the western feint. First, I and half the squad were wounded by the M10's collision with a berm(happens all the time, NP). The M10 cleared the way and we advanced into town. We lost a couple of guys to a sniper I believe, then were assigned to watch the SE quadrant. One of the men kia was our scout, and I was his replacement. I scouted much of the foliage and berms to the SE, then set up shop on the perimeter several hundred yards out. The Axis made us wait quite a long time, and finally the PZ audio was clearly pointing east. As the Tiger and stug came into sight, it was clear they had infantry with them. Although I was far to the South, I began firing, trying to bring them down. At this point I was killed, apparently at close range from the back, by an EI. He had either come from the East while I was firing North, or he had been hidden nearby all the time, waiting for his chance. I suspect the latter. I fired more rounds out of my rifle than I can remember in an event. Probably 75% of my supply. For my trouble I wounded a grenadier and killed an LMG. I don't know whether I did that damage in the early assault or in the flanking shots on their counterattack, but I at least gave as good as I got. I dearly love these type of events. I am somewhat miffed that in the last event I died by being run over by a stug, and in this one, I was shot in the back by a clever opponent. Hardly the stuff of legends, but lots of fun anyway. Part of the appeal of this was the high level of cooperation and unit cohesion that our unit displayed. Everybody followed orders, and we accomplished our objective. When we entered town, I think many reverted to their live-server habits, and we began to scatter. Fortunately the town was all but deserted, and our NCO rallied us and got us on the right track again. Lclark was a fine section leader, and kudos to Gnpatton for the short training session before the event. It made a difference, I believe.
  8. I hope to reprise my role as an Allied grunt.
  9. I was in Allied section 3 as a rifleman, guarding the NW perimeter of the town. Once we were deployed, I was assigned to watch the sky over the town for paratroops and EA. (hey. it's a realism event & anything could happen) The HE111 still was a surprise. That it destroyed one of the supply tents on it's first run was also a surprise, lol. After combat began I spent most of my time marking targets on the map until the EI got very close. I spent 4 or 5 clips shooting at various targets and scored a kill on a grenadier. Just moments before the end I became one of the Stug's roadkill. This was my first Lindir realism event, although I have played some of the Special Events Scenarios in the past. I'd enjoyed the pre-event planning stages of the Special Events, but always been disappointed in the extremely high no-show rate of those events. This event compared very well to them in that it was simpler, and all units were filled to their capacity as people showed up. The realism is enhanced not only by the one-life rule, but also in that most participants are privates without binoculars, and everybody knows very little about what we are about to do and must follow orders that are being formulated on the fly. The best you can do is follow orders, try real hard not to get killed, and accomplish your mission. It doesn't get any better than this, LOL. Thanks Lindir, NCO Lclarke, and the rest of rifle section 3 !! When's the next one?
  10. Where did the time go? It's Campaign #26 already. Come join the 111th Rangers on their European Tour!
  11. Wel, you missed out. We won campaign #24 The good news is, Campaign #25 will be right along. Come help us last longer than the real French did in WW2!
  12. Come fight the good fight.....sometimes you meet the most interesting people....
  13. The 111th Rangers are a part of Corps Cav. We fight with the most modern and fearsome weapons of the day!
  14. Join the 111th Rangers on their European Tour, Campaign #24
  15. See France and the low countries. Blow up stuff and crash vehicles. Feel the thrill of annoying Axis players everywhere. When you whip the german 6th Army and they have to call for help from the 12th, it really gives you a special feeling....kinda "soulsome" and "roundy". Wear the goofiest uniforms in the game, and think how bad the enemy feels getting nailed by you while you're wearing it. Operate the best armored vehicles in the game. Sure they're slow, but the enemy will be along shortly, just have patience. The fun is back!